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Mumsnetters - we all need a group hug!!

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ThomCat Thu 05-Jun-03 14:01:01

Girls, it all seems to be falling apart. People are upset and some think it's all got a bit nasty on here. I've only been 'using' (makes me sound like a junkie - oh yeah - I am to Mumsnet!), for a couple of months or so but it's fab. It's hugely addictive and all said and done everyone I've spoken to on here has been brilliant. I would like to say a huge sorry if I have ever upset or annoyed anyone. It was never my intention. I've been a liitle upset by off the cuff comments a couple times myself but wouldn't be without Mumsnet now. It's good to argue sometimes and it's great to have support and advice and laughs too and I think we ALL get that. I hope everyone continues to carry on as they were - LONG LIVE MUMSNET!!!!!!!!

wickedstepmother Thu 05-Jun-03 14:16:22

I'm new to all this and I do have to say that it is a bit cliquey and I have felt left out at times. I hope that some of the posters will just remember that the majority of us have come on here for advice, support or a chat with other mums, not any sort of confrontation.

*not sure how to 'type' a hug, but you get the idea....

lou33 Thu 05-Jun-03 14:47:59

Welcome Wickedstepmother, I hope you do stay get what you hope to from Mumsnet.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 14:53:52

Nice thought Thomcat.

WickedStepmum - Hi there. Soon you'll be as addicted as the rest of us!

wickedstepmother Thu 05-Jun-03 15:03:30

Thanks (there really should be more smiley face thingies on here - a blushing one would be the most appropriate right now )

Bobsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 15:23:17

Hi wickedstepmother! (cool name!)
I guess I've only been on mumsnet for a few months now and I really enjoy it. I have no idea what the good old days that some musnetters loved were really like cos I'm afraid I wasn't a mum then. But I am now and hopefully won't be cold shouldered by older and wiser veteran mumsnetters.

Bugsy Thu 05-Jun-03 16:13:46

I think I am probably a "good 'ol" mumsnetter as I've been contributing for a long time (over 2 yrs). In that time I can honestly say no one has ever upset me and I have received nothing but kind words and useful advice.
I am so sad that people are upset. Cyber hugs and cyber tea & biscuits all round.

wickedstepmother Thu 05-Jun-03 16:15:46

We can always start an 'outcasts' thread Bobsmum

SamboM Thu 05-Jun-03 16:16:33

Hi wickedstepmother

a hug is ((((())))) (as big as you like!)

I'm quite new, 3 months to be precise.

wickedstepmother Thu 05-Jun-03 16:20:08

((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))) BIG ENOUGH ??!!!!

Feels like we need to spread some lurvvvvve - *pops on a Barry White CD, and slips into something 'a little more comfortable'

Bobsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 16:23:48

I have a last Rolo which should spread in a kind of feeding of the 5000 (or 4000 whichever you prefer) type event.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 16:36:39

Have you seen the advert for the challenge of the last Rolo?

Just how far would you go to get the last rolo?

October Thu 05-Jun-03 23:16:27

Message withdrawn

maryz Thu 05-Jun-03 23:30:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

newcomer Fri 06-Jun-03 14:39:45

as a newcomer I find it offputting when i see how some members have made others cry. there seem to be a lot of insults, not just disagreements and it feels a very hostile place to be.

codswallop Fri 06-Jun-03 14:41:28

well wait till you have been here a while!

suzyj Fri 06-Jun-03 15:22:43

I've only just started posting too but am rapidly getting addicted (how much 'talk' is too much??) and I for one like to see that names are cropping up repeatedly and that people are spending a lot of time here. Wouldn't work otherwise, would it?

Stick with it and just ignore the bits you don't like, please!! We can't have all the 'old' hand (no insult intended) jumping ship just when newbies like me need you...

SamboM Fri 06-Jun-03 15:35:00

Just you wait SuzyJ, your housework will fall by the wayside, your children will become neglected and your partner will never see you....

Get out while you can aaaargh

mmm Sat 07-Jun-03 07:53:08

It feels like being back at school to me mumsnet -(even though I'm 45 -going on 10 going on 100) . there seems to be a core of very popular netters and then there are the people who are 'tolerated' and when you become addicted it's hard not to want to be one of the Most Popular. So I guess the idea is not to become addicted in the first place and get a life. BUT there are tons of great things here and it's a bit like having one's personal magazine.

Gizmo Mon 09-Jun-03 20:39:18

Welcome everyone, and don't be put off by the periodic spats - I think they're just nature's way of telling you you should turn off the PC occasionally and go out and get a sense of proportion!

Once everyone's slept on things, it will all blow over.

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