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charleepeters Fri 24-Jun-05 19:07:53

HEY YOU! Can you tell me the average monthly renting price of a 2 bed flat/house in Crawle please!!!!

[cp smiles and bats her eyelids]

charleepeters Fri 24-Jun-05 19:16:29

are you about oh crazy one????

charleepeters Fri 24-Jun-05 20:33:13


charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 15:40:12

Bump bump bump bump bump!

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:37:33

oh here i am! been busy all afternoon making cakes!

erm.. it really varies quite a lot depending on area.

you're looking at between £650 to up to £900 depending on the type of property and the area.

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 20:40:15

bugger doesnt look like i will be moving at all - itts all so expensive well it would be if it wasnt for the council tax/water/leccy/sky/phine ect ect bloody money

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:42:14

yeah it is expensive round here unfortunately.
what kind of budget do you have?
is it very much cheaper where you are at the mo?

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 20:44:03

welll at the mo were in a housing association so we only pay £280 per month for our 2 bed flat and the council tax is only £100.

Well im not quite sure on the budget dp will be bringing home about £1900 per month after tax so its out of that we have to pay

you know the rest!

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:44:59

ahh.. can the ha transfer you to a property round here?

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:45:12

would you be wanting to move straight away?

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 20:45:52

i have no idea how i would go about it surley i would have to go with another husng association as i dont know if martlet homes goes as far as Crawley i dont know how long it would take??/

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 20:46:09

pretty much we wnat to get ourselves sorted soon

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:46:54

try contacting them and ask. it's worth a try...

i don't know much about it tbh... maybe start another thread and ask if it's possible!

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 20:47:10

maybe i should set up camp in your back!

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:48:24

lol you could... but we're in a block of flats!

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 20:49:16

well that would be a problem!

i have started the thread hope i can move otherwise dp cant have the job fingers crossed!

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:51:05

i reckon if you could get a place around £650 you'd be able to just about scrape by. although, that's not much fun is it

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 20:51:49

no thats why we want to move from here!

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:53:38

we had a one bed place before this for £550.
now in one double the size for £500
but only because it belongs to a friend of my mums!

we're very lucky actually, we'd be stretched if we had to pay proper prices for a 2 bed place.

looking to buy though once we have enough deposit!

starlover Sat 25-Jun-05 20:55:43

anyway, i gotta go and do some work... ds's naming day tomorrow!

will catch up with everything on monday though!

good luck with housing association!

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