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It's all gone wrong.

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ThanksForSpoilingIt Thu 05-Jun-03 09:16:23

I was thinking only yesterday wht a great substitute Mumsnet was for the social aspects of work which I no longer have access to.

Here I could have a chat, offer advice on a range of things from parenting to shopping whilst detouring through War. I could have a "drink" with friends without getting hungover and without consuming and empty calories. I could learn about Downs, Aspergers and Autism. Watch people go through the rollercoaster of IVF and come out the otherside. I could rejoice in the successes of other people's children, commiserate and comfort when things weren't quite so rosy.

Not, it would seem, any longer. I was happy to disagree vehemently with other people on hot threads and back those same people up on others. I was happy to ignore threads that held no interest to me and those I found offensive without feeling the need to jump on the people who were enjoying them. It's not a cosy substitute for "real" friends, "real" chat and "real" gossip any more. It sems we can't have fun without having to think twice and then twice again about whether someone might find it offensive, if it might make them uneasy, if they might not enjoy it... I look after the wellbeing of two small people in my day to day life. I don't need to be worrying about whether I'm keeping everyone here happy as well.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 09:22:24

What's happened to spoil it? Have I missed something again? Oh pleeeeease don't feel that way.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 09:30:20

Found it!! How very very disappointing. I was got at majorly and a few times on different threads, but when I accused of being an attention seeker!!! Failing to spot the difference here..... and before anyone jumps down my throat I;m NOT calling anyone an attention seeker!! I'm merely pointing out that this situation aint that different to mine a few weeks ago.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 09:32:59

Fair enough.... Trolls should be stopped and ZsaZsa is getting annoying, but I think that's just coz my unsatisfied curiosity is getting the better of me.

ThanksForSpoilingIt Thu 05-Jun-03 09:42:37

Just been catching up on SueWs dd before I go.

If I was attention seeking I would have posted this under my own name.

It's not just how that thread disintegrated; I wasn't involved that deeply but it upset me with how it turned out. It's the previous threads where you were attacked, the complaints about people enjoying the Mumsnet Arms, the "oh it's just not Mumsnet" remarks, it's lots of things. I'm more than happy to fight it out with another poster on a controversial topic, I simply can't be ar$ed to worry about whether my idea of fun matches that of other posters if I can't assume that they won't look if it's not to their taste. I don't look at things I don't find funny and there have been quite a few like that. I don't, however, post on that thread to spoil other posters' enjoyment of it.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 09:46:24

NO NO NO - I was talking about the other thread... not this one. Please don't be offended!!

nerdgirl Thu 05-Jun-03 10:15:12

Am I the only one who sees the irony of this thread?

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 10:22:43

Lol Nergirl!! I see what you mean! I definitely think my post was misunderstood. It wasn't very clear though. Sorry... it was meant to be about the other thread about run 'em out of town.

SoupDragon Thu 05-Jun-03 10:25:36

I don't think s/he's being ironic. Sounds like s/he's fed up with the way the fun some people are having has been jumped on rather than the thread just being ignored. IMHO people should adopt a look & walk away attitude where things are just people having a laugh. It's easy to spot the genuinely unpleasant Troll threads where comments are necessary I think.

Bugsy Thu 05-Jun-03 12:45:39

I am really sorry that you didn't feel able to use your regular nickname thanksforspoilingit. You don't have to keep anyone at Mumsnet happy and as far as I know we are all definitely free to express our views - we just have to be prepared for people to disagree with us sometimes. And as for fun, well I suppose one person's fun could be another person's misery and when it is out there for everyone to contribute to, then why shouldn't those who don't like certain threads say so?
I think the site is generally full of really supportive, kind and genuine mums. I have learnt so much from this site on many occasions and cannot tell you how much the support and advice I have received recently has meant to me.
I don't think anyone has actually spoilt anything or that the site has changed particularly, it has just evolved and got bigger. Anyhow, on a positive note thanksforspoilingit, all the discussions that you have enjoyed and learnt from will still be here, if you do decide to come back again.

codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 13:44:14

ps i am not thanks for spoiling it.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 13:48:35

bet you are!

Well the Censors got there own way in the end!! All of us who love a wee chat in the evening are being moved on to another part of the board!

Certain people will have a feckin cheek if they ever decide to post in there. Hmph.

codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 13:49:24

(That was ajoke wasnt it? whimpers pathetically)

coddy the codster

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 13:51:05

Honestly coddy it was a joke! >joins in the whimpering<

Have a hug {{{}}}

codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 13:51:47

I had a flake instead - BOGOF offer in waitrose. I like to think it was better than .... ahug(;o)

codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 13:52:02

Enid Thu 05-Jun-03 13:52:11

Why won't certain people be welcome on the chat topic threads? I don't understand what the big deal is, its just a new topic for gawds sake, the threads will still be there.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 13:52:25


codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 13:55:04

I dont mind really either

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 13:55:41

Because those who take part have been shunned by some mumsnetters who couldn't bring themselves to just NOT look at the threads at all!
Why would they want to contribute to threads which they have found so boring, annoying, distressing, offensive and inappropriate.... these are all words that have been used to describe the "chatty threads". In fact, some mumsnetters actually said if you want a chatroom, go to another website! Basically saying Pi$$ off and do this elsewhere.

You don't think it would be a tad hypocritical if they were then to start participating in a chatroom type conversation? I do.

wiltshirelass Thu 05-Jun-03 13:55:46

Not thanksforspoilingit either, although agree with her sentiments rather. Although I do work, unlike tfsi, quite a lot of that is from home and I enjoyed the social aspects of Mumsnet as well as the rest.
However, I will bow out for a while, feeling rather bewildered by the violent reaction my silly and, I thought, completely innocuous thread caused.
If anyone can find anything that I've posted in the last 6 months insensitive or insulting then I apologise. Don't think you will, though.


codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 13:56:33

and she was funny. (well sometimes)

codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 13:57:20

m2t I am You can chat to me there

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 13:57:55

Another one bites the dust.

M2T Thu 05-Jun-03 13:58:30

Cheers Coddie! That'll be great.

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