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hiring an agency cleaner privately

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GeorginaA Fri 24-Jun-05 10:11:34

Hoping someone will have an insight on this!

I currently have a couple of agency cleaners come round fortnightly to clean my house. They're here an hour and that's including a nice chat over a cup of tea and a coo at ds2. For this, the agency charges a small fortune. I went this route because I needed some help cleaning while ds2 was small.

I had planned to stop the service anyway in September when ds1 went to school, as I couldn't really justify the cost anymore. Anyway, the topic of conversation came up and we both sort of mutually suggested one of them (who lives close to me) coming to clean privately. It would be weekly instead of fortnightly yet I'd still only 60% of what I currently pay for fortnightly. She'd be getting double her current hourly rate. Both happy.

At the same time, I don't want her getting in trouble. I've checked the contract I signed and there's nothing there about either notice periods or poaching of staff. She says that her contract is null and void anyway (due to her leaving the job previously then when she rejoined the contract wasn't resigned) but she isn't worried about her employer getting arsey anyway.

As I seem to have the "curse" of always wanting to do the right thing, what do people think? I wouldn't normally have gone the private cleaner route, but I know I can trust her and she does a damn good job. Thoughts?

GeorginaA Fri 24-Jun-05 10:40:44


annh Fri 24-Jun-05 10:44:22

I would do it. If you were genuinely going to stop the service anyway, then the agency is not loosing out. You gain a cheaper cleaner whom you can trust and there is no legal bar to you doing it. Presumably, the cleaner will also fit you in at a time when she is not working for the agency anyway so she gains extra money too. Go for it!

TracyK Fri 24-Jun-05 10:45:01

if she doesn't care bout her employer getting arsey then i wouldn't bother either. Go for it - i'm sure it happens all the time.

horseshoe Fri 24-Jun-05 11:28:32

Would there be a tax issue?? I'm thinking if the company found out!!!

Apart from that I would say go for it. I have always used Agencies and found the rate reasonable £8 per hour-£2 to agency and £6 to cleaner - for London.

Although my contract did say about poaching staff and they do seem to have a high turnover due to the fact they employ young foreigners looking for short ter work. I have been lucky but if you found someone you can trust that's invaluable!

GeorginaA Fri 24-Jun-05 12:10:53

I pay £35 for two of them and they're in and out within 45 mins including a chat. Of which they get £5 each

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