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Time to redress the balance

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unicorn Fri 24-Jun-05 00:09:56

I recently had a whinge on a thread about the women I had recently gone out with for a drink.

Well, tonight I went out with a totally fab bunch of interesting PEOPLE...all women with kids... but they seemed to let their children 'add' to their lives, rather than take over....

Anybody have a clue what I am on about??!!!

QueenOfQuotes Fri 24-Jun-05 00:12:40


fatmomma Fri 24-Jun-05 00:14:31

I do unicorn, I know some baby bores and some interesting people who have babies. I have a feeling that the 'baby-bores' were 'car-bores' or 'work-bores' etc. in their previous lives. Some people are just not very interesting.

I can bang on about my ds with the best of them but I hope I am sensitive enough to know when to do it and when not too.

Glad you have found some people you can 'click' with .

unicorn Fri 24-Jun-05 00:15:02

didn't ask.. don't want to know!
but really interesting people/mums who are prepared to be honest... so my guess is.. yep!!!

A mumsnetters meetup that no-one knows about!

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