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What, and how much does your cat eat?

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Posey Thu 23-Jun-05 21:02:45

Are all cats greedy? Our cat is forever tripping me up in the kitchen, sitting by his bowl etc etc. Vet says he's eating plenty. He has 2 sachets a day. Was on dried food for a while but it makes him sick.
So just wondered what your cats eat?

lilaclotus Thu 23-Jun-05 21:04:28

our cat (3 years old) eats one sachet in the morning and a bowl of dry food for the rest of the day.

AnnieQ Thu 23-Jun-05 21:04:45

2 sachets of what a day? Are there recommended daily amounts listed on the pack? My cats are 10, and they have 4 sachets of Felix Senior a day, if it's that kind of food you're giving then I'd say 2 sachets is nowhere near enough.

trefusis Thu 23-Jun-05 21:05:33

Message withdrawn

vicdubya Thu 23-Jun-05 21:07:57

Mine has between 2-4 Felix pouches a day depending on how much she asks for. She is 4 and not overweight.

She is demand fed because otherwise she follows me for hours & trips me up as I potter round the kitchen and I've almost broken my leg / dropped ds several times.

It's bl**y expensive tho! But she won;t eat tinned food once it's been open for more than a nanosecond.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 23-Jun-05 21:18:28

1 pouch of something fishy most days, and biscuits (also it turns out she's rather partial to left over baby food). She is a very small cat though and she moans like anything.

tallulah Fri 24-Jun-05 18:31:12

We switched ours to dry food last year after a friend's elderly cat had teeth problems from a lifetime of wet food.

The feeding instructions say 80g a day, which is a big handful. They have that much in the morning but then expect a similar amount again every time they come in! They think that me in kitchen = feeding time.

cupcakes Fri 24-Jun-05 18:37:53

Tallulah - ours mainly exists on dry food too, just once a day. Plus water. However she also gets leftover meat/fish/chicken/sausages from our meals most days.

Posey Fri 24-Jun-05 20:44:35

Tallulah - teeth problems is why our vet recommended dry food, but he just sicks it up again.
From what you lot say, I reckon we could increase his food a little. Thanks for your help.

QueenEagle Fri 24-Jun-05 20:46:38

My 8 year old has a couple of sachets per day and a load of dried biscuits. She is quite a small cat though.

expatinscotland Fri 24-Jun-05 20:46:58

Our cats eat Science Diet dried food. And the Persian one is VERY snobby about it. He won't eat it if he feels it's been sitting in his bowl for too long.

Tissy Fri 24-Jun-05 20:52:06

our old cat has about 1 tin of M+S luxury cat food a day plus biscuits as required. The tins, to be fair are tiny, and we give it to her in three meals, morning, afternoon and night, so a tiny amount each time. We settled on the M+S food, because she will eat it all, so the house smells much nicer, and she rarely throws it up- previously with Kit-E-Kat it was a daily occurrence! She looks fat, but is very fluffy, so I think there is a skinny cat trying to get out!

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