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How bad do I feel????

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soapbox Thu 23-Jun-05 20:04:03

Got home from work this evening and Nanny took me to one side. Said DS(5) had burst out crying when she picked him up this afternoon because it had been open day and all the other Mummy's had been at school to look at their work and his hadn't turned up.

Just had a chat with him and he said that every time he heard the buzzer going at the entrance he thought it was me coming

I always go to all school things, never wanted my decision to work to mean I couldn't go to school things. I just completely forgot - how crap is that???

DH just taking me out for dinner now to cheer me up!

DS has forgiven me; I've promised to look through all his work the next time I am in to do reading practice with his class.

DD was equally pissed off at me, but no tears!

Where's the bad mummy bin- I'll just shuffle off there now

MaryP0p1 Thu 23-Jun-05 20:07:48

Soapbox don't worry we can't do everything. We are NOT superhuman. I have never been to a sports day because I work with children and their sports day is always when our sports days are on I just can't go. I can't always make school things for the same reason. I make it up in lots of other ways but I am only one person. The school still try their best to make me feel bad though.

gigglinggoblin Thu 23-Jun-05 20:22:32

ds1 got v annoyed at me when i missed his sports day - not only that but i sent him in jelly sandals that day and they made him fall over and lose a race he had almost won wasnt my fault, he had put the letter in the bin so i actually didnt know it was on - but he didnt see it like that! he has forgiven me now tho am sure your kids will too. buy them an ice cream to make up for it

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