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Somewhere with INTERNET ACCESS while we're on hols in N DEVON

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Puff Thu 23-Jun-05 18:03:56

Dh MAY have to work while we're away if a job comes up that we really can't afford to turn down.

We're staying near Westward Ho! and I just wondered if anyone local to N Devon know of any internet cafes etc in case he need access. It would save him having to come home .

All advice gratefully received!

Marina Thu 23-Jun-05 18:08:24

Still beaming from Thomcat's great news and totally unable to do any proper work, I found This for you Puff

Except that the link doesn't explain it's a map showing an internet cafe in Barnstaple...doh
but you get the picture, will find you somewhere. I think there was even one in Bideford, even more handy for Westward Ho!

tamum Thu 23-Jun-05 18:13:49

I think most local libraries have them too- even Lyme Regis does

tamum Thu 23-Jun-05 18:14:13

(when I say "them" I mean computers with internet access, of course!)

starlover Thu 23-Jun-05 18:14:45

yeah there is one in bideford

Marina Thu 23-Jun-05 18:15:45

People's Network rocks tamum (unless you are a librarian in which case you have been known to get a bit p*ssed off with your former reference/quiet study room being transformed into a magnet for norty teens and their smutty printouts...)

koo Thu 23-Jun-05 18:23:48

Message withdrawn

starlover Thu 23-Jun-05 18:45:29

koo... i couldn't believe it when dp told me there was a place called crabby dicks! i have never laughed so much in my whole life!

koo Thu 23-Jun-05 18:50:11

Message withdrawn

starlover Thu 23-Jun-05 18:52:59

what's the name of the ice cream people who have their van parked near the quay and do lovely lovely ice cream with clotted cream on top? MMmmmmmm

koo Thu 23-Jun-05 18:58:07

Message withdrawn

starlover Thu 23-Jun-05 18:59:02

mm that's it.. so yummy!
dp comes from near bideford and we'll be off on holiday somewhen in the summer... looking forward to my ice cream already!

and maybe even a visit to crabby dicks! lol

Puff Thu 23-Jun-05 19:07:39

Thanks folks - you are brill !

Koo - yes please re recommendations - we're staying 5 mins from somewhere called Northam.

Would love to know about some good restaurants for romantic meals out (must contain excitement - me and dh will get some nights out ALONE!), plus child friendly pubs with garden for them to run wild in.

I did ask on another thread about places to go, things to do, and got some good ideas but anything you can add would be most welcome , particularly beaches that are secret gems, only known to the locals !

jayzmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 19:11:44

Koo....OMG another Mnetter from N.Devon...I thought I was the only one!!!!
Im in croyde...where are you?

Surfermum Thu 23-Jun-05 19:32:23

The Big Sheep. No, really, they have a room of PCs with free internet access in the indoor soft play area. But you probably won't be able to drag yourself out of the ball pit to concentrate on work.

koo Thu 23-Jun-05 19:37:04

Message withdrawn

jayzmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 19:41:32

Koo....what do you do?

koo Thu 23-Jun-05 19:50:30

Message withdrawn

jayzmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 19:57:53

Had a shop in Braunton before the kids Im a SAHM and home ed my youngest. We are trying to get him a placement at Newport school!!!!!

I drive up Newport High St every Friday afternoon when I take him for the afternoon to Lampard!

I have recently started up my own little business making greetings cards and that keeps me busy whilst I am not here on MN!!!!

Do you surf?

koo Thu 23-Jun-05 20:12:20

Message withdrawn

Puff Thu 23-Jun-05 20:32:19

Thanks for the recommendations so far Koo - .

Children are 2, 3 and 4 (one is my niece).

jayzmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 20:39:17

J goes there because he has Autism.
I know your shop!
I board as well....I really am the beached whale when I squeeze my lardy ol' backside into my suit.
Where do you go?

Sorry we have hijacked your thread

The Milk Way is a good place to go for the day...and Killarney Springs is good fun for little ones.

Puff Thu 23-Jun-05 20:39:55

It's ok jayzmummy

koo Thu 23-Jun-05 20:53:52

Message withdrawn

Puff Thu 23-Jun-05 21:21:19

Wow! Fab so far Koo - will print this thread off .

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