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new name - open competition!

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wiltshirelass Wed 04-Jun-03 10:58:03

After some extremely rude emails about the quality of my mumsnet name (thank you codswallop) and multiple references to mobcaps and milking stools, I have decided to throw open a competition to see who can come up with something better. I was thinking of "tankini". a cookie for the mumsnetter who comes up with a name that best encapsulates my witty, sophisticated, juicy couture-clad self!

M2T Wed 04-Jun-03 11:05:57


...only joking of course. What cookie do you win?

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:28:25

what avout a celebrity name? Whees Why? She always has Hispanic ideas.

wiltshirelass Wed 04-Jun-03 11:32:00

cookie of your choice, m2t - no expense spared!

wiltshirelass Wed 04-Jun-03 11:32:42

theres an idea, cods. Jordan, perhaps? I bet she has (unwisely) got a tankini...

wiltshirelass Wed 04-Jun-03 11:34:15

cods did you get an email from me at around 10am today? just that a colleague of mine hasn't got something I sent him around the same time and now I think my computer may be going mad.
doesn't seem to have any problem with posting, though

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:45:52

None here wl

wiltshirelass Wed 04-Jun-03 11:46:34

bugger. how can it just decide not to deliver emails? They all say they have been sent out of my sent box. Grrrrrr

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:47:01

like last time

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:50:12

what about Shemail as your name?

motherinferior Wed 04-Jun-03 11:50:43

I love your name!

M2T Wed 04-Jun-03 11:51:25

Or what about NO-shemail!!

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:51:58

Mine ( blushes proudly)?

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:52:12

come on then M2t?

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:53:10

mumbo jumbo?!!

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:55:57


wiltshirelass Wed 04-Jun-03 11:56:37

thank you mother inferior!
you object to wiltshirelass and come up with mumbo jumbo? try harder, cods!

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 11:57:58

(puts dictionary away)
(Was Head Girl prize!!

M2T Wed 04-Jun-03 12:03:42

What Coddie? Have I missed sumfink?

SamboM Wed 04-Jun-03 12:12:45

What's wrong with having a name that makes me think of milk maids chewing buttercups sitting in a meadow with lovely pink cheeks? Don't change it!

wiltshirelass Wed 04-Jun-03 12:22:37

ohh, buttercups, that's nice. and I am partial to a bit of cow parsley as well...

ThomCat Wed 04-Jun-03 12:28:12

Ahhh, sorry what - CODSWAllOP said something about YOUR name!!!!!!!!!!!! Pot and kettle springs to mind!!!! Only joking - think you've both got fab names!

M2T Wed 04-Jun-03 12:34:06

Even more confused???

codswallop Wed 04-Jun-03 12:39:06

I like Mumbo Jumbo

wiltshirelass Wed 04-Jun-03 12:52:32

nope, not wasting a perfectly good cookie on mumbo jumbo I'm afraid.

looks like the consensus is that my name is super-lovely as it is. hurrah for mumsnet democracy! down with codswallop's wiltshire-phobia!

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