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Diet bores

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oliveoil Thu 23-Jun-05 09:54:06

Ye gods, it's really tedious, waffling on about calories and carbs...yawn....with your low fat plastic food that taste on nothing so you pig out on crisps later in the day....yawn.

And if one more person goes 'oooh carbs' at my sandwich like I am eating a turd I am going to scream.

The office fridge is full of lettuce as well.

nailpolish Thu 23-Jun-05 09:55:45


that is boring agree agree

i LOVE carbs! yummy crusty fresh bread mmmm

Chandra Thu 23-Jun-05 10:01:16

A doctor I know once told me that the bad thing about not eating carbs is that it results in your brain's performance being reduced. Since then, everytime I hear somebody making a fuzz about people eating carbs I just feel this doctor was sooooo right!

marthamoo Thu 23-Jun-05 10:28:23

Yes but OO - you're slim!

oliveoil Thu 23-Jun-05 10:36:24

yes I know I am slim <<waggles arse>> but I *eat properly*. If I fancy a cake, I eat it as if you ban yourself things you will want them.

I have put on weight since coming back to work (bastard M&S bakery ) so now I just cut back on the stodgy stuff a bit DON'T BAN YOURSELF THINGS.

<<climbs off soapbox>>

oliveoil Thu 23-Jun-05 10:37:01

why didn't my bold work?

oliveoil Thu 23-Jun-05 10:37:11


marthamoo Thu 23-Jun-05 10:41:08

But that's why you get comments about the carbs in your sandwich - because you're slim! They are there, depriving themselves of all this yummy stuff, they see you tucking into your sandwich and deep down they hate you for it !

<<<will you be paranoid at work now?>>>

And you have to asterisk each word indiviually, that's why it didn't work.

marthamoo Thu 23-Jun-05 10:44:16

How's dd's croup btw?

oliveoil Thu 23-Jun-05 10:48:18

Ahhh bless you for remembering . She is still coughing like a trouper but not as much of a sealion/bark anymore. Voice still not normal though. How long does it normally last?


nailpolish Thu 23-Jun-05 17:15:23

ahaha - so its ok for non slim people to comment on what slim people are eating? what if slim people were to comment on what non slim people were eating? <<<stirs>>>

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