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What's the security like at your primary school?

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Carla Tue 21-Jun-05 16:45:49

Just wondered, as H forgot one of their lunchbags on Friday. I told him the code for a particular door - to get it on Saturday - and it was deactivated. In some ways I'm quite pleased about that, but wondered what others' experiences are.

invisiblegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 16:49:14

every term the code changes on our main entrance door but every term my friend and I manage to find out the code which is terrible if you think about it. In addition the code to the rear door leading into the activity area has had the same code all year and pretty much everyone knows what it is

Carla Tue 21-Jun-05 16:52:07

ig, that sounds really good. There are about 6/7 entrances to dds school, but I don't think they ever change the code.

Pinotmum Tue 21-Jun-05 16:53:32

There is a buzzer to the main gate and entrance to building is only through Secretary's office area/lobby. Gate to playground is padlocked and Nursery is press buzzer entry only. Very good security in place imho and no-one can see into the playground area from the outside.

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