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If you were building a house form scratch what rooms/spaces would you want...

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beetroot Tue 21-Jun-05 16:17:03

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Tue 21-Jun-05 16:18:34

a room at the top of the house with a lock on the door that is foam walled to lock the kids in when they are driving me mad

Marina Tue 21-Jun-05 16:20:17

Following from that Finnish log thingy in Grand Designs, I'd love a central space, double-height, with room for all the family's activities. So, big table for games, piano, PC, ample storage for ds' "stuff", good northern light for dh to faff about with his models and me with my knitting.
Cupboard for suitcases is a MUST.
Laundry room with lovely warm air for drying indoors in Winter also good.

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 16:20:45

a lobby beforethe hallwayw itht 2 enormous cupboards fro school bags ans shoes and crap

lilaclotus Tue 21-Jun-05 16:21:33

a room for stargazing

mogwai Tue 21-Jun-05 16:22:11

a built-in safe for jewellery

insets in the showers for shampoo, to save you reaching down to the floor

A study large enough for two desks and lots of shelves

Built in wardrobes with lights inside

Utility room for washer and dryer

I'd also steer away from stud partition walls and go for the real thing - makes loads of difference

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 16:22:41

what sort of jewllery do YOU have?!!

kama Tue 21-Jun-05 16:23:03

Message withdrawn

kama Tue 21-Jun-05 16:23:55

Message withdrawn

ivy3 Tue 21-Jun-05 16:24:24

Lots and lots if storage. I don't like 'things' on show.....everything hidden away and a place for everything.

Fio2 Tue 21-Jun-05 16:24:32

Elizibeth Duke

soapbox Tue 21-Jun-05 16:27:00

Massive laundry room with big Americal washing machine and dryer. Pull out drawers for sorting various coloureds and whites. Racks and hanging space to put clothes on once they have been ironed.

Wall to wall storage in play room. Boot room for boots, shoes, coats, croquet sets and other inside/outside toys

I'd like a walk-in wardrobe in each bedroom, and en-suite for each bedroom. Would also like a walk-in fridge. Would like two dishwashers - one on and one being filled - especially for dinner parties.

Would have to have a great pantry as well!

Every room would need to be wired for sound/vision/internet etc

Mmmm - thats about it really

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 16:29:20

lol fio
I have oru wahing machine int he garage and so I odn have ot look at it or hear it

also a welly room for kit and stuff and other blokey things

yoga room

fishfinger Tue 21-Jun-05 16:29:38

soapy no mentio n of baths for you?

jessicasmummy Tue 21-Jun-05 16:30:55

Play room
Dining Room - dont have one at the moment
TV Room
Ensuit bathroom

thats it for now....

soapbox Tue 21-Jun-05 16:32:49

Fishy - baths in the en-suites of course

bossykate Tue 21-Jun-05 16:34:02

large utility room with washer, dryer and lots of hanging space
huge kitchen/dining/family space
play/games room
formal dining room
adults only sitting room
library/music room
bootroom/scullery hybrid
at least six bedrooms - with balconies
at least 4 bathrooms
large attic
huge garden with swimming pool, play area, wild space and formal walled garden and kitchen garden

it would all be designed and built to the highest green/eco standards, but would also have warmth and character - constructed using local natural materials

there would be lots of glass used to get the maximum possible light

it would have fantastic sea views and be no more than 10 mins walk to a clean sandy beach

it would be close to a discontinuity in the time/space continuum so that you could be in central london in 10mins

Carla Tue 21-Jun-05 16:34:19

A playroom, for sure. Just so that your living room doesn't look like one!

soapbox Tue 21-Jun-05 16:34:48

Oh - also - there has to be laundry chutes from each floor going straight down to the laundry room. Everyone just chucks their dirty clothes down the chute rather than in the laundry basket. Saw that on an American housey program and really liked it

soapbox Tue 21-Jun-05 16:36:29

BK - have you been watching too many Grand Design's programs /per/ /chance/

bossykate Tue 21-Jun-05 16:37:26

watching? i used to and also used to get the magazine! have moved on from that phase now...

bossykate Tue 21-Jun-05 16:38:02

teehee, "constructed from local, natural materials" is so typically kevin, isn't it

expatinscotland Tue 21-Jun-05 16:38:18

A massive utility room. A play room. At least 3 bathrooms. Cupboard with more than one rod. A real larder. 50% more storage than I think we'd need. A foyer. A proper wine cellar.

Carla Tue 21-Jun-05 16:39:34

Yes, yes, yes, soapbox! A separate laundry room.

SoupDragon Tue 21-Jun-05 16:39:47

A suspended animation cupboard for my children.

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