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companies house shit

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annabelle21 Tue 21-Jun-05 15:07:16

I was seeing this guy ages ago - it only lasted a month. In that time he wanted to start a business up, registered with Companies House and put me as the secretary. As soon as we broke up I sent the appropriate form to Companies House to tell them I was no longer his secretary (although I did absolutely NO work for him - he needed a secreatry accoridng to companies house and basically bullied me into it, saying I would have to do nothing at all.) So anyways I sent the appropriate form to say I wasnt his secreatry anymore and left it at that. This was about a year ago. Yesterday I got a letter in the post ftom Companies House saying they sent a return form to the business's established address and it must be returned befpre july 10th or the company director or the secreatry could be fined. So I called Companies House and they said they never recieved my form to say I was no longer secreatry and that I must send another, but what if I dont get it, fill it out and they get it back before july 10th? I'm fucked with a fine as I havent seen this ex for over a year!

binkie Tue 21-Jun-05 15:19:34

Well you can download the form (288b) instantly from the Companies House website (here ), and you can also file it online if you want.

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