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does anyone work as a event organiser/ production manager/producer and want to change their job?

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beetroot Tue 21-Jun-05 11:57:52

Message withdrawn

Amanda1 Tue 21-Jun-05 12:17:51

Message withdrawn

katierocket Tue 21-Jun-05 12:19:57

I used to do this beetroot and I loved it. But not the sort of job you can do part time so I gave it up when I had DS.

so that's been of bugger all help to you then hasn't it!

beetroot Tue 21-Jun-05 12:25:10

Message withdrawn

Amanda1 Tue 21-Jun-05 12:34:44

Message withdrawn

beetroot Tue 21-Jun-05 12:43:15

Message withdrawn

Enid Tue 21-Jun-05 12:44:59

not really relevant but I am an events organiser/education bod for our local arts centre - we are putting on a big art project next year called "Colour and Chemistry" about the relationship between science and art...anything for us?? You know we are near you.

Amanda1 Tue 21-Jun-05 12:48:00

Message withdrawn

beetroot Tue 21-Jun-05 13:08:30

Message withdrawn

tigermoth Wed 22-Jun-05 08:15:44

HI beetroot - I wish you lived in Devon!!

My job is in events management and communications. We're rushed off our feet at the moment, with no chance of new staff joining us - local authority, no money for extra staff this year.

I would love to do that type of work in the West country - that's my dream. You are too far away from Devon I think?. dh and I want to relocate very much in the next couple of years.

Ever thought of moving your company to Devon? (hopeful emoticon)

beetroot Mon 27-Jun-05 08:05:08

Message withdrawn

beetroot Mon 27-Jun-05 09:17:34

Message withdrawn

tigermoth Mon 27-Jun-05 13:48:57

Hi Beetroot,

FYI I live in SE london, but have inlaws in South Devon and visit them a few times a year. By next year we will have the sometime use of an empty flat (PILS, not ours)in Kingsbridge. Dh and I hope to move to Devon (probably South Devon, near Plymouth or Exeter depending on where we find jobs) in the next couple of years. We have both changed our jobs in London to give us more transferrable skills

Do CAT me if you want to.

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 13:49:46

beety enid just oranises pan pipes gorups
dont litstne to her

tigermoth Mon 27-Jun-05 13:52:54

fishfinger - I think I know you

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 13:56:29

its me the fish

tigermoth Mon 27-Jun-05 13:57:51

thought so

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 13:58:14

hi tm
long time no encounter

beetroot Mon 27-Jun-05 18:49:09

Message withdrawn

tigermoth Tue 28-Jun-05 07:26:57

ok beetroot

ggglimpopo Tue 28-Jun-05 07:45:21

Message withdrawn

beetroot Tue 28-Jun-05 08:27:16

Message withdrawn

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