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MarsLady Mon 20-Jun-05 23:02:39

hey Doggie

did you see Jack? Ooh but it's getting good! There's just one small problem that only YOU can solve. I'm gonna miss the finale. TWO episodes!!!!! I'm gonna be away.

Pretty pretty pretty please! Could you tape him for me? Please?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [begging emoticon]

HappyHuggy Tue 21-Jun-05 00:00:12


MarsLady Tue 21-Jun-05 00:02:44

MarsLady Tue 21-Jun-05 19:10:16

Are you there honey? Have you not received my MANY messages, emails etc? lol

MarsLady Wed 22-Jun-05 17:14:51

Dontcha care Doggie???

HappyHuggy Wed 22-Jun-05 17:34:55


Doggie - the poor womans desperate

MarsLady Wed 22-Jun-05 17:36:43

now huggy, are you bumping for my benefit or Twigs? lol

HappyHuggy Wed 22-Jun-05 17:43:55

Its all for you Marsy

thedogmother Thu 23-Jun-05 19:24:11


So none of you will be too worried - I got Mars messages and will be fulfilling her wishes!

MarsLady Mon 27-Jun-05 23:56:37

Doggie, I managed to stay awake and watch it. It was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Bauer! That was one long day!

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