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Need some info on places between Crawley and Mitcham

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charleepeters Mon 20-Jun-05 19:50:39

I know i have posted about this before but my post was more specific then i was interested in Dorking - this time i want to heref rom any of you who live between Crawley and Mitcham as dp has a job there and we need to move somewhere round that area. i will be at home from 9 - 6 alone with ds so i need alot of ameinities.

play school
train/bus station
places to meet other moms


dinny Mon 20-Jun-05 19:54:45

Hi, Charleepeters, I live in Mitcham. Is good as you still get quite a lot of house for your money and though not brilliant itself, it's v near places like Wimbledon, Tooting, Croydon. Has OK shops, banks etc, is v near a couple of softplays, near nice parks (Morden Hall, Wimbledon) and commons (Tooting and Wandsworth).
Loads of toddler groups in Mitcham itself, Tooting and Wimbledon. Overground to central London and tram to Croydon and Wimbledon.
hth a little

charleepeters Mon 20-Jun-05 19:59:29

Thanks Dinny that was helpfull but we wanted to be a bit closer to Crawley. was thinking of Guilford? Anyone form there???

SoupDragon Mon 20-Jun-05 19:59:34

There are nice bits of Croydon.

SoupDragon Mon 20-Jun-05 20:00:16

I think there are a few MNers around Guildford.

LIZS Mon 20-Jun-05 20:01:59

Redhill area would meet most of specifications. Lots of activities for preschoolers including soft play area at Donyngs Leisure centre, Jo Jingles and Tumbletots classes etc. Sainsbury's are there, Safeway in Reigate, 24 hr Tesco near Gatwick or Purley and Waitrose at Horley. Shopping centre including M and S, Smiths, Boots, banks, small theatre and local library. Public transport to London and Brighton. Horley and Merstham are slightly cheaper to live in than Redhill. It is a while since I lived there but there seem to be a number of M'netters around there now.

starlover Mon 20-Jun-05 20:05:20

oh just move to crawley dammit!!! lol

charleepeters Mon 20-Jun-05 20:05:53

lol Starlover i wondered when you'd pop up!

starlover Mon 20-Jun-05 20:08:37

tee hee

charleepeters Mon 20-Jun-05 20:10:19

Crawleys still a possibility if its not to far for dp to go to work everyday. its my choice i know that.

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