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trying to break Waitrose Habit

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codswallop Mon 02-Jun-03 13:45:36

Tried Tesco but it is not the same- no nice nibbles - bread etc. Someone convince me to keep trying tesco.. Might see Mr. m2t of course!!

SoupDragon Mon 02-Jun-03 13:51:27

I've just been to Tescos and they had NO SMOOTHIES! What are my chidren going to drink?? Stuff 'em I say, I'm off to Sainsbury's tomorrow...

SamboM Mon 02-Jun-03 14:09:02

I need to break the habit too, it's too expensive, but I can't bear other supermarkets any more, have been spoiled by Waitrose.

Sainsburys is about the closest.

SoupDragon Mon 02-Jun-03 14:11:27

I actually despise our local Sainsbury's - it seems grim to me. Much prefer Tescos but S's do more smoothies. Keeping my fingers crossed that the proposed Waitrose near me gets planning perimission!

marialuisa Mon 02-Jun-03 14:12:27

DH made me go to Asda last weekend as there was one in the giant retail park we had driven 45 miles to, just so he could get some electrical frippery. Even he says we are never going back

codswallop Mon 02-Jun-03 14:13:23

Our sains. is crap.
Tesco good for processed food ,selection and bulk buying


codswallop Mon 02-Jun-03 14:15:14

You catch things at Tesco

Marina Mon 02-Jun-03 14:17:03

Codswallop, Waitroses are fire hazards. The huge one in North Finchley is the process of burning down as I type. There you are, it's not safe to go in them.

Tissy Mon 02-Jun-03 14:18:41

Consider yourself lucky to have a local Waitrose! I have to drive 20 miles to the nearest Sainsbury's for my fix of Camambert and Cranberry crisps.

grommit Mon 02-Jun-03 14:19:50

That used to be my local - very sad to hear it is burning down!!!

codswallop Mon 02-Jun-03 14:20:28

realoy! quick run in and loot... hmmm i think some of those anchovies from the deli

Dh and UI play the "If you had to spend a night in an aisle of a supermarket, which one would it be?" Id be behind the deli..

sb34 Mon 02-Jun-03 14:22:00

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 02-Jun-03 14:23:12

SB34, you really should have grown out of throwing tantrums in supermarkets if you don't get fed on the way round...

SoupDragon Mon 02-Jun-03 14:23:48

I believe they've got some great flame grilled steak in the beef aisle, Codswallop.

codswallop Mon 02-Jun-03 14:25:53

Hee hee. Board on fire today and its not even Tuesday!

Slinky Mon 02-Jun-03 14:27:11

I have a similiar problem but with Marks and Spencers LOL!

We don't have a Waitrose around here at all - but my Father in Law oftens shares his little "Waitrose" stories with me - I took him into our local Safeways store once and I thought he was going to have a coronary!! He was horrified LOL!

I usually do an online shop with Tesco (nearest one is 30 mins away) but have become slightly obsessed that any meat I buy must come from Marks and Spencers (only eat chicken usually anyway).

Didn't think I had a problem until we had some friends round over Bank Holiday and they kept finding Marks and Spencers labels everywhere LOL!

sb34 Mon 02-Jun-03 14:30:24

Message withdrawn

bossykate Mon 02-Jun-03 14:32:57

our local sainsburys beats tesco hands down! no waitrose within a reasonable distance and we are not in the ocado delivery area...

nappybrain Mon 02-Jun-03 14:33:41

just as well Waitrose don't do online shopping near us at the moment....i can do enough damage in store in about 15 mins. their fresh pizzas and pastas are yum - unlike tescos - pasta bursts and you could chew on cardboard and not know the difference re. their pizzas.............

Finbar Tue 03-Jun-03 12:07:11

SoupDragon - where do you live? the reason i askis Dh works for Waitrose and you never know I might be able to get some info out of him re:
proposed new branches !!
(Hope he doesn't see this as he tells me he's now taken to looking at Mumsnet as it has the BEST jokes (and probably posting but not telling me!! ))

codswallop Tue 03-Jun-03 12:14:28

calling soupy

Marina Tue 03-Jun-03 12:17:28

Finbar, could you ask him when the Ocado service is going to expand to cover less ritzy areas of London? We drive past several lesser rival establishments to get to the big branch in Bromley South which is fantastic, but a home delivery service would make our century.

SoupDragon Tue 03-Jun-03 12:19:02

It's in South Croydon. There's definitly one planned - I think they've even purchased the site. It's just the planning permission and residents whinging that's causing problems. We keep getting updates from our council reps saying how "we" don't want one. Clearly they're not representing me properly!

sb34 Tue 03-Jun-03 12:20:02

Message withdrawn

Finbar Tue 03-Jun-03 12:20:44

Marina - i'll see what I can do - actually he brings home the Waitrose and John Lewis in-house magazines each week and THAT'S where I get all my info - I then tell him and he goes back to work looking really knowledgeable!!

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