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Lying houseowners! *Why* do they do it?

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ks Mon 20-Jun-05 10:26:55

Message withdrawn

batters Mon 20-Jun-05 11:07:39

umm, ks, what is it that is going to be wrong with the flats?

Will they overlook your house? Be too noisy?

The man was a complete plonker for lying. Some people would have gone ahead just taking his word, and then spent time and money before finding out that he was lying.

ks Mon 20-Jun-05 11:45:31

Message withdrawn

QueenOfQuotes Mon 20-Jun-05 11:46:52

but surely if all the houses are 'detached' then you're probably going to get a 'different' kind of person living in those flats than if it were flats in a not such nice area.

We're got a few rented out houses down our street, but because of the 'area' - most of the 'renters' are working professionals...

NomDePlume Mon 20-Jun-05 11:47:07

Simple, they lie because they want to give you the answer that will make you more likely to buy their property, regardless of how near, or far, it is truth-wise.

ks Mon 20-Jun-05 11:51:35

Message withdrawn

bossykate Mon 20-Jun-05 11:52:02

ks, if it's a detached house, won't you have your own parking anyway? aren't you and your family renters yourselves atm? one parking space per flat must be absolute luxury compared to central/inner london areas, e.g. chiswick?

bossykate Mon 20-Jun-05 11:52:38

sorry, ks, x posted.

NomDePlume Mon 20-Jun-05 11:52:41

They were obv hoping you were a bit wet behind the ears and would take their word for it....

cupcakes Mon 20-Jun-05 11:54:52

Has the planning permission been passed?

ks Mon 20-Jun-05 11:55:38

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 20-Jun-05 11:57:14

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 20-Jun-05 11:57:54

I think the floodlighting would have been the clincher for me, ghastly.

Bad luck ks, I'm so sorry

batters Mon 20-Jun-05 11:58:14

the cars wouldn't bother me. The floodlighting and the tennis court might though!

ks Mon 20-Jun-05 11:59:23

Message withdrawn

QueenOfQuotes Mon 20-Jun-05 12:00:29

We've got a school at the back of our garden - which has a security light which partly shines in our garden.

It's FABULOUS, makes it feel 'safer' out there(even though it's already safe).

lemonice Mon 20-Jun-05 12:01:48

It may well not get passed and very probably won't be as bad as you think. If it's in a sustainable area then it doesn't have to have allocated parking as it is government policy not to encourage car use bu having car parking attached to new build in sustainable areas.

If the flats make the property you want less desirable is that not /could it be facotred into the price of the property you want..and bear in mind that neighbours/streets etc are always chaning...

bossykate Mon 20-Jun-05 12:03:05

ever thought of going on location, location, location

batters Mon 20-Jun-05 12:03:19

I don't mind the sound of trains! Where I was lived for the first 18 years of my life on a quiet day you could hear the platform announcements from my house!

At one of the flats I rented the train track was at the end of our (very small) garden. Every time a train went pass, the whole flat shuddered. The first time dp stayed the night he woke up at one in the morning yelled earth quake and grabbed his clothes ready to evacuate!! It was only one of those heavy goods trains going pass!

But is bad luck for you ks. Keep on hunting...

batters Mon 20-Jun-05 12:03:34

bk, that would be so funny!

LIZS Mon 20-Jun-05 12:03:51

ks. Sounds like he is not the ideal vendor anyway. If he is prepared to blatantly lie about this ,what else would he do/say further down the process. Sorry if this is another one to cross off.

lemonice Mon 20-Jun-05 12:04:42

lemonice has pp to build in her backyard (but the plots on either side one has permission for 7 dwellings and 2 house have been built on other boundary)..yours sounds a treat (none have parking)

Marina Mon 20-Jun-05 12:23:02

I think Famille ks and LLL are made for each other! bk, that is inspired. Pleeeeeease, ks...we want you to find your perfect niche and be happy

ks Mon 20-Jun-05 12:28:10

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 20-Jun-05 12:28:57

Message withdrawn

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