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Does anyone have coloured kitchen units?

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lilibet Mon 20-Jun-05 09:07:17

dp and I are in the processs of looking for a new kitchen, originally I wanted cream with wooden worktops, but these now seem to be everywhere whch has put me off a bit. I've seen some lovely ones with wooden type units but not one that I have liked enough to warrant spending thousands of pounds on one, so I started wondering about colured doors, maybe a nice green. Dp reckons I'll sonn get fed up of it and it will soon date. Does anyone have any thoughts on them?

This is the first time I have picked my own kitchen and I'm 42, so I really want to get it right!

hoxtonchick Mon 20-Jun-05 09:12:58

in my old flat i had a blue ikea kitchen which i really liked (though acutally we only lived there for 6 months before moving here, so didn't have time to go off it!). we had beech worktops with it that worked well. i definitely reccommend going to ikea as the kitchens really are cheap, though of course you have to pay someone to put them in.

Tinker Mon 20-Jun-05 09:17:08

I do like coloured kitchens (atm) but agree, think they will date quite quickly. So get cheapish if you don't mind replacing doors in a x number of years

Marina Mon 20-Jun-05 09:18:03

We had a very pale primrose Ikea kitchen (no longer sold! ) in our old flat, and it looked lovely - with slate blue and white tiles - very fifties.
My personal opinion on wood kitchens is that unless you are in the market for the good ones (that cost ££££ as you have noted lilibet), it is best to give the less expensive ones a miss.
Go colour! Go colour! Unless you are talking tomato red glistening lacquer I don't think colour is any more like to pall than a wood choice.

Tinker Mon 20-Jun-05 09:19:29

<<Marina - Julian Barnes article in today's Indie >>

Twiglett Mon 20-Jun-05 09:20:16

check out unpainted kitchens you paint them yourselves .. personally I like duck-egg blue but you can always re-paint cream when bored if you get a plain enough cabinet

Marina Mon 20-Jun-05 09:26:02

Well I may be an old has-been on the kitchen selection front but I can still cut in the world of obsessive Francophilia
Thanks for the tip Tinker, off to admire, wish I could have had his babies, etc. How are you BTW?
Lilibet, dh and are both 42 and about to choose our first ever bathroom. I foresee blood on the cork tiling...

Tinker Mon 20-Jun-05 09:30:04

Well Marina. Exhausted but well. Off to register her today - still no middle name agreed

Sorry for thread hijack lilibet.

Marina Mon 20-Jun-05 09:32:07

You could still spring Dominique or Delphine on him then! <<end of hijack with apologies lilibet>>

lilibet Mon 20-Jun-05 09:32:43

Tinker - what are your options?

Enid Mon 20-Jun-05 09:33:58

Marina if you are choosing a new bathroom suite can I recommed this:

package from MFI with a steel bath

dh and I nearly came to blows and this was a godsend - cheap, metal bath (essential for him), pull handle loo rather than press button (also essential for him) and nice Frenchy white lines (essential for me).

Enid Mon 20-Jun-05 09:34:37

(we boxed in the bath with tongue and groove and it all looks lovely)

Tinker Mon 20-Jun-05 09:35:18

Can't say teh real option for fear of ridicule. But stil like Francoise. Delphine out on grounds of know someone with that name. Should start my own thread shouldn't I? Sorry lilibet

lilibet Mon 20-Jun-05 09:35:34

ooooh - it's the bathroom later on Enid and that looks very nice - what colour tiles/walls are you having Marina?

lilibet Mon 20-Jun-05 09:36:17

I like Delphine - and it sounds lovely with her first name

lilibet Mon 20-Jun-05 09:37:06

sorry just read your post properly - Delphine is out, does it matter if it's just a middle name?

Enid Mon 20-Jun-05 09:37:44

this was for our new kids bathroom and we are having tongue and groove on bath and halfway up walls (Farrow and Ball Pointing) and painted walls above (F & B Calamine) then Karndean antique ceramic vinyl flooring. We chose more expensive taps and shower attachemnt to funk up the MFI suite although tbh the ones that it came with were absolutely fine.

Marina Mon 20-Jun-05 09:51:46

I am working VERY hard on the tongue and groove front right now Enid (gosh, that sounds slightly lewd for a Monday morning )
Thanks hugely for the suite tip as well.
We have a late 20s semi so I am keen to go for a black and white retro-ish bathroom with curved tile tops and maybe duck-egg blue painted walls. Chrome fittings, cork tile floor or marmoleum, very plain.
We will be jettisoning something that looks as though it was installed by someone under the influence. Shell pink and gilt faux marble tiles the size of paving stones and a shell pink curly suite with pretend dolphins everywhere. Centrepiece is determinedly non-functional jacuzzi bath. Yuk yuk yuk.
Unfortunately it all seems to be set in solid concrete and may involve dynamite
Your choices sound gorgeous Enid , at least all the hassle will have been worth it.

Enid Mon 20-Jun-05 10:32:29

I was talked out of cork by the man in the flooring shop...have you seen the Karndean 'tiles' they are really excellent (despite being a vinyl snob previously) and they do a lovely black and white one. Duck Egg blue walls will be lovely - would work with that suite as it has a slightly 1930s feel (not on commission, promise )

Guardianangel Mon 20-Jun-05 10:44:14

Lillibet, B4 DS, I used to dress showhomes for Bryant & Westbury Homes. Happy to help with any tips. If Kitchen is North facing, the trick is to keep it light to reflect what little natural light you get. However, if done cleverly you can get away with a colour. I have done the green thing, giving it the country touch. Keep tiles lighter shades and worksurfaces light too. Where possible keep the flooring similar in shade to worksurfaces. eg. light work surfaces and dark flooring just make it look all cluttered. Keep design simple and accessorise, accessorise.

lilibet Mon 20-Jun-05 11:00:52

oooh - what a good job!

now I don't wnat to sound really thick, but I have no idea if we are north facing. I would guess not as we have lots of light in the mornings and none at night.

Guardianangel Mon 20-Jun-05 12:15:09

Lots of light in morning could mean east facing. Thats good. You may be better off steering away from the white/cream units. I dont know about you but I like it light but not too bright in the mornings. tee hee

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