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The dynamics of pre-teen friendships

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mysterygirl Sun 19-Jun-05 23:40:15

In dd's group of friends at school there were 4 including dd until just before half term when another girl joined the group after a row with another friend. This friend Em has clung to one of the girls H and my dd is feeling pushed out. It is Em's birthday party on Friday and she has invited nearly all the girls in the class including dd but then has invited 3 of the group (excluding only my dd) to stay for a sleepover. DD is very upset by this and more so that they are all off on a school trip for a week the following week. She is trying to work out whether to (a) go to the party or (b) not bother and arrange to do something with the one girl in the class (Em's former best friend) who has not been invited to any of it following a row (different to the previous row).

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