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has anyone got a computer they don`t want?

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triplets Sun 01-Jun-03 23:08:26

I know if anyone can help you all out there can!
I have a very special fiend who lives far away from me in Farnworth nr Bolton. She contacted me back in 1994 after the death of both our sons, both Matthews. Sharon has also lost another child, a twin boy when he was 7 months old, he had a heart defect. Now at the age of 45 she has the surviving twin who is 21, and Tom who is 6, and has never slept through the night since he was born. She has helped me to survive, always been there for me, and as yet we have never met. Her husband was made medically unfit to return to work three years ago after badly hurting his back at work. They lost their home, now live in rented property, have no phone as they cannot afford the bills, her life I know is a struggle, a very hard struggle. She was given a very old computer by her brother, to her it was a lifeline, I have received some funny yet heartbreaking letters from her, typed on the computer. Todays I could hardly read, typed in very poor yellow ink! The computer has finally thrown in the towel, had it! She is so going to miss it, even though she has never been able to have access to the internet because they just cannot afford it. A site like Mumsnet would be such a lifeline to her. She always pretends to be on top, ok, but I know how alot of that is just bluff, my life since Matthew died is the same, like now I am sitting here racking whats left of my brain to see how I can help Sharon, such a dear friend who has always helped me in any way she can. Keep my mind busy, as tomorrow it will be nine years since my darling Matthew died and I feel as though my heart is going to burst with pain. So what I am asking is is there anyone out there who has a computer in good working order that they could give to my friend, it would make her life so much happier, she certainly deserves it. Or any ideas who else I could write to, you`ll know! Thank you all.

WideWebWitch Sun 01-Jun-03 23:17:36

triplets, no ideas or spare computer I'm afraid but I hope you get through tomorrow OK.

Bossanova Sun 01-Jun-03 23:28:58

Sorry I can't help with a computer. I hope you manage to find one. If I have any brainwaves I will post again. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Tortington Mon 02-Jun-03 00:19:26

if she belongs to a support group or any group run by volunteers i know someways in which members of the community can get funding for computers let me know if this is applicable

thinking of you today

Lindy Mon 02-Jun-03 08:10:37

Triplets - my thoughts are with you today; haven't seen you much recently on Mumsnet so it's good to see you back.

Regarding the computer it might be worth trying any big computer companies (Dell etc) or even your local council, they are usually into 're-cycling' in a big way and may have some suggestions. Do hope you manage to find one for her, you sound a wonderful friend to her.

GRMUM Mon 02-Jun-03 09:58:34

triplets my thoughts are with you and Matthew today.

My nephew is into computers in a big way and he gets various different"bits" from the local school when they update their systems.Why don't you and/or Sharon try local schools colleges universities?Also my husband regularly updates at work and has to get rid of the old "bits" We're too far away to offer to help but I should think trying big companies is also an idea.


GillW Mon 02-Jun-03 13:44:06

I might be able to get hold of one from work as we're updating kit quite regularly and the old ones get thrown out. They're ex office machines so they don't have modems, sound cards etc, and they're not the latest/fastest, but they're well up to the type of job you're describing. I'll ask around. Is it just the system box you're after? I'm assuming the keyboard, mouse, printer, etc would still be ok? Where is your friend? If I had to get a PC shipped it would probably cost about £6-£10.

triplets Mon 02-Jun-03 22:47:54

Hi everyone, thank you all for your thoughts, it has been a truly awful day. I was determined I wouldn`t cry in front of the kids, but by 10am I just howled, its just that my memory of every minute of that awful day is so clear and I just keep playing it over and over in my head. At one point I ran and shut myself in the loo, Jamesie was calling me to come out, next thing he slid a drawing under the door for me, so I wiped my face, took a deep breath and came out. I said the picture was lovely and he told me to look inside, there was a line of mixed up letters, then he just looked up at me with his beautiful big brown eyes and said, "that says I love you but I didn`t know how to spell it". Out came the hanky again! I have felt so upset though because this is the first year that not one member of my family or any of my friends have sent us a card or even phoned, it hurts......why? Should I not expect it after nine years? It makes me feel forgotten, makes me feel they have forgotten him, yet I know that they haven`t......oh why does it have to hurt so much, how I long for the happiness of long ago. Yet out of all this has come good, my beautiful miracles, Rebecca, Thomas and James, and dear dear friends like Sharon, who otherwise I would probably never have known. So getting back to her, I believe it is just the system box from what she has said, but I think it is all pretty much had it! Any help is wonderful, thank you all. I will once the kids go back to school tomorrow start writing off to some of the big companies. I am not sure if I told you but she works tirelssly too for a friend of hers whose little boy has a fatal blood disorder, she organizes all the fund raising for Nathan, it is heartbreaking that it has taken them over two years to raise £75,000, they need £150,000 to send him overseas. So her computer is so important to her. Please keep posting!

Jimjams Mon 02-Jun-03 23:14:40

Sorry none of your friends or family sent a card. I'm sure they haven't forgotton though.

There is a charity called 'computers for the disabled'- I don't have the details but they do have a website. Actually think I may have put a link to it on my webpages- www.autism-plymouth. although I haven't looked there for ages so I may not have! I have found them thorugh google in the past though.

Anyway maybe her husband would qualify? They provide free or very cheap re-conditioned computers for those in receipt of disability benefits.

Thinking of you and Matthew today.

Ghosty Tue 03-Jun-03 00:10:12

Triplets ... your last post had me in tears ... what a sweet boy your Jamie is ... I hope that you are feeling better soon ... and have been thinking of you and your Matthew today .
Good luck on the computer front ...

SimonHoward Tue 03-Jun-03 16:33:08


I am not very good when it comes to sadness but reading your posting had me on the edge of tears in the middle of my workplace.

I hope that the day went better for you as it progressed.

As for the PC. What sort does your friend need?

northernlass1 Tue 03-Jun-03 17:14:53

I have an old computer (pentium) with a built in modem (14.4 though). How would I send itbut don't know quite how to do this?

northernlass1 Tue 03-Jun-03 17:16:36

I meant - how can I send it? (sorry got interrupted by 3 year old in downstairs loo!)

GillW Tue 03-Jun-03 21:48:38

Northernlass1 - Parcelforce standard will take packages of PC size - maximum cost is £10.76 for anything between 10kg and 30kg. That's how I was thinking I could send one if I can get one from work - which is actually almost certain, the difficult bit is getting is home via the tube (so a system box only would obviously be a lot easier to cope with logistically than a monitor, etc too!)

Copper Wed 04-Jun-03 09:45:36

I'm like Simon Howard: your posting about Matthew had me on the verge of tears in public. Don't worry about crying in front of your little ones: they know how much you love them and Matthew, and they reflect that love back to you.

It's good to see you back on Mumsnet, even on such a sad occasion.

triplets Wed 04-Jun-03 20:38:52

Hi everyone,
Can`t believe how much kindness there is out there, thank you all. Sharons printer has had it too, I believe it is over 10 yrs old and the pc even older! So to be honest anything is probably better than she has got. As I told you in my last posting she endlessly tries to raise money for Nathan, his life expectancy is I believe between seven to twelve years, he is now five, and weighs 25lbs, I have a photo of him and he is so gorgeous. So back to the computer, I think she needs the lot, but I feel greedy asking for that, but it would make such a big big difference to her life, especially for helping Nathan. I don`t think I have ever known anyone so big hearted as Sharon, a heart which I know is full of personal pain at times. I am willing to pay the postage if anyone can definitely help us. I hope one day that we will meet up, she has held my hand long distance for nine hearbreaking years.

GillW Fri 06-Jun-03 09:23:30

Dammit - just for once there weren't any PC's which were actually small enough for me to carry in the scrap pile this week. And the person who deals with it is off for the next fortnight, so it will be a while before I can get anything I think. Northernlass1 - are you going to send yours? If not I'll try again in a couple of weeks time to get one.

Horse Fri 06-Jun-03 21:11:55

I went into my office today and noticed that there was a pentium computer lying around which is not used anymore. I also have an HP printer/fax/scanner which is now redundant and may be compatible. The computer has a built in modem. I will have to delete all of the information off the computer before sending it anywhere but this shouldn't take me too long. Could you get my details from Tech? Not sure how that works.

triplets Sat 07-Jun-03 21:10:42

Dear Horse,
Not sure what you mean about TECH. If you package is all compatable and ok, let me know, because as you can see GillW is being very helpful too and can possibly help in a couple of weeks. Perhaps the best thing to do if it is a definite offer is to e-mail me personally, I can let you have it at the next posting?

Ghosty Sat 07-Jun-03 21:19:09

Triplets ... what you do to exchange e-mail addresses is email Tech (the computer wiz at mumsnet) in the 'contact us' section. Ask him to send your e-mail address to Horse and GillW and then hopefully they will e-mail you back. I always think it is best to do it that way rather than post your e-mail address publicly ...
HTH and that you are ok! Hugs ... xxx

triplets Tue 10-Jun-03 22:54:23

Thanks Ghosty for your help and Hug! Will do it now.

triplets Wed 11-Jun-03 17:20:02

Am I being stupid, tried to contact Tech but got a nasty grey box up saying default or something, perhaps when one of you good hearted people can come up with a definite offer we will take it from there. Had a letter from my friend this morning and she is so missing her computer, also it takes her hours to hand write for Nathans appeal.

triplets Tue 17-Jun-03 20:17:47

Please please please! Still desperately trying to find an unwanted computer for my desperate friend. Have sent several letters to most of the leading pc companies but no replies so far. I so want to help her.

Horse Sun 22-Jun-03 14:37:19

Triplets, I have definitely got a computer. I will get it this evening and have it up and running by midweek. My only reservation is whether it is compatible with the printer. I can't understand why you have not been able to email me, I will try and email you.

GillW Sun 22-Jun-03 17:06:47

Had you noticed that there's now a Contact another talker link at the top of each message page? Click on that (or the link in this message) and you'll get a form to fill in to pass a message on.

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