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collective Noun for Mumsnetters?

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codswallop Sun 01-Jun-03 21:03:54

any ideas?

Ghosty Sun 01-Jun-03 21:09:00

A gaggle?

codswallop Sun 01-Jun-03 21:10:03

a yak

JJ Sun 01-Jun-03 21:14:43

My husband always asks how the "Mumsnutters" are doing, although he's more up on the threads sometimes than I am. (and that's not to say that I slack...)

codswallop Sun 01-Jun-03 21:15:55

GASP - yopu let him read about my sore boobs?!! (I typed sour first!!)

snickers Sun 01-Jun-03 21:17:42

OK - here goes...

An advisory of mumsnetters....
A bevy of mumnsnetters
A desperation of mumsnetters...
A brood of mumsnetters...
A cluck of mumsnetters...
A dose of mumnsetters...
A pride of mumsnetters...

Ghosty Sun 01-Jun-03 21:18:56

Snickers ... I like 'desperation' and 'dose'
How about a wobble?

snickers Sun 01-Jun-03 21:21:03

fallala Sun 01-Jun-03 21:52:39

An engorgement

Mo2 Sun 01-Jun-03 21:55:30

A yurt....
A broadband...
A thread....

wiltshirelass Sun 01-Jun-03 22:06:34

surely it has to be coven?!

October Sun 01-Jun-03 23:34:00

Message withdrawn

codswallop Mon 02-Jun-03 11:45:48

I vote for engorgement

mollipops Fri 06-Jun-03 15:37:23

a natter of netters? :0

robinw Fri 06-Jun-03 22:36:16

message withdrawn

SamboM Fri 06-Jun-03 22:50:21

A snuggle

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