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For anyone who is interested, Nutty has finally decided what to do with her life

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nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 18:11:22

After lots of umming and ahhing this week I have finally made a desicion.

I am going to go back to college and do the access course. Will give it my best shot and hopefully scrape through with enough marks to get into uni.

We still have big money probs at the mo but the biggest of these will be paid off by next march, and I am going to start budgeting properly.

I am still gonna keep an eye out for any jobs that i think could fit in or indeed a better job for dp. My friend is a weekend manager at BHS so i'm hoping prehaps I can apply for sundays there.

Thanks for all the advice, I know I moan on alot about this and i'm surprised you didn't all tell me to bugger off before now.

Don't worry, i'll be back moaning as soon as i'm stuck on an assignment

emily05 Sun 19-Jun-05 18:14:28

well done! I am really pleased for you. You will do it I am sure. Good for you!

tammybear Sun 19-Jun-05 18:17:31

good luck for it nutty! really happy that you know what you want to do now. wish i could be a bit more decisive with what to do with my life

HappyHuggy Sun 19-Jun-05 18:17:48

Good for you Nutty!!!!

I'll be seeing you at UCE in a couple of years then!!!!

what college are you going to go to? Im doing acess at Solihull

Miaou Sun 19-Jun-05 18:18:17

That's great Nutty, good on you for being so decisive. It's definitely the way forward!

Any help we can give you with essays just say the word. What is it you are studying again, or is it a "general" course?

nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 18:21:01

It will access to health and i want to do child nursing at uni.

Huggy, i will be at Sutton college. When do you start uni then ????

Thanks all, it has been a pain in the a** deciding but am strangly relaxed now i've made my mind up.

hercules Sun 19-Jun-05 18:21:10

Well done. Sounds like some good decisions.

ponygirl Sun 19-Jun-05 18:22:54

Good for you, Nutty. Glad you've got the decision made and can focus on getting it done. We're rooting for you!

WigWamBam Sun 19-Jun-05 18:23:52

Well done, Nutty, I think it's an excellent decision.

LGJ Sun 19-Jun-05 18:25:48

Way to go Nutty

sallystrawberry Sun 19-Jun-05 18:29:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eeek Sun 19-Jun-05 18:37:16

Just a thought - but you could ask the college library if they need any help shelving or admin. Libraries are often interested in employing people just to work a few hours each week and can usually be quite flexible about which hours. Depending on their opening hours obviously. And its much easier work than retail. Not sure about the pay comparisons

HappyHuggy Sun 19-Jun-05 18:38:06


Im doing access to health too, just finished yr 1 of my 2 year course so will be at uni next year

if your course is a 1yr we'll start at the same time, if its a 2yr then i'll start a year before you.

shame your not going to solihull cause we'd have alot of the same classes together - a ready made friend!!!!

nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 19:10:09

Thanks everyone. I will be doing the course one day a week over 2 years, couldn't have coped with full time.

Ds will go to the college nursery on my college day but then in jan 06 he will also hopefully be doing 2 days at the nursery the girls went to. If we are still really struggling for money then, i will see about going on the health care assistant bank at the local hospital as i could do a couple of nights.

Shame about it being diff colleges Huggy, would have been nice to already know someone.

nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 19:11:17

Good luck for sept Sally

My one friend is starting childrens nursing on sept 6th and another friend is starting midwifery and both have said they will be there to give me a kick up the backside should i need it

nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 19:11:42

Do you want to do nursing or midwifery Huggy ??

Gobbledigook Sun 19-Jun-05 19:14:15

Good for you! Go girl! Sounds a like a great decision even though it will be hard work and tough at times - but as they say, you have to speculate to accumulate and I'm sure that it's the best thing for you and your family in the long term.

HappyHuggy Sun 19-Jun-05 19:20:48

Im not 100% sure yet. I want to do midwifery but its so difficult to get a place - i think theres only 20 per intake at UCE. So if might do nursing first and then midwifery. Nursings appealing too because of the bursery. It'll all depend on my final grades though. At the moment im keepinh my head above water and have got all level threes.

My course is over two years and at the moment i only do 2 days a week and my boys go to nursery, which is paid for by the college.

My course consists of 5 topic areas: Health Studies, Study Skills, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiolgy and maths. Ive only done health studies, study skills and maths this year.

I havent found the work loads excessive and my tutors have been pretty flexable.

Its really increased my confidence and ive made loads of friends too.

I really hope you enjoy it!

snafu Sun 19-Jun-05 19:39:23

Oh, just seen this - yayayayayayayay Nutty! Good on yer - I think this is such a positive step. We can all boot each other up the bum come September...

nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 19:40:24

Do you do extended days Huggy ???

The choice at sutton college is either full time over 1 year , 2 evenings a week over 2 years, 2 extended days over 1 year or 1 full day a week over 2 years.

nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 19:41:03

Lol snafu, will look forward to it and thanks for listening to me moan on my other thread too.

snafu Sun 19-Jun-05 19:42:56

No worries - and anyway it wasn't moaning - it was constructive pontificating and careful weighing-up of all available options

nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 19:47:17


HappyHuggy Sun 19-Jun-05 19:51:58

I do 9.15ish to about 3pm on wednesday and friday. There pretty flexable though so if im going to be late or need to leave earlier then thats ok. I think they make it school friendlt hours as its an adult course and people have kids to pick up. Occasionally i have to go in on a friday afternoon but as the college pays for the nursery i mostly get fridays to myself! have only had to go in on a friday 3 times this year!!!

i dont think they do the classes of an evening. What i do is part time. 4 days (same times) a week is full time


mears Sun 19-Jun-05 19:52:50

Good luck Nutty and Huggy. Good to sort your mind out isn't it

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