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state of play - I missed last weeks

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codswallop Sun 01-Jun-03 20:06:52

a quick resume please?

soyabean Sun 01-Jun-03 20:24:47

Of what, codswallop?

runragged Sun 01-Jun-03 20:28:31

Umm, wife came down from whereever and attended press conference with Steven, said marriage had broken down due to fault on both sides, was staying with Cal (Kendel from that comedy years ago and the Lakes) got drunk and shagged him, both no regrets in morning when he dropped her at train.
Irish girl had flat broken into, suspects the police but police say it was the same person who shot the black guy.
Police raided Newpaper and found suitcase with gun etc, big lectures from Police Inspector (what WAS he off?) Cal wouldn't tell source and so was arrested.
Previously, cal and irish girl had found freelance journo digging up dirt so they hired him, turns out he is the editors son- you know the posh one.
We're still not sure what the Steven fellow is up to, seems he was buying a flat with the one who was killed but he denies it, Cal is starting to suspect cracks in story.
Can't remember any more, sorry am really crap with names!

Are you going to watch Spooks when it comes back on? I was really traumatised by end of last series, not sure if I can go through that again.

soyabean Sun 01-Jun-03 20:32:08

Oh right I get it now , obviously a TV prog I have completely failed to notice the existance of!Sorry for being dense, gald you got yr resume

codswallop Sun 01-Jun-03 20:38:46

hMM not sure if ai get all that - will watch and see - Bb at ame time too


Yes will watch spooks - keep away from fryers!

runragged Sun 01-Jun-03 21:12:38

Oh my god the fryers one! I had to leave the room! Was really upset about the end of series when the bomb went off. Kept being close to tears, stupid I know, not sure if it was because he finally found love or becasue of the little girl - never mind

badjelly Mon 02-Jun-03 13:09:46

runragged - apparently the new series starts a few seconds before the bomb goes off! be warned!

Zoe Mon 02-Jun-03 15:30:38

Police inspector chappie was in Clocking Off as the factory owner, Mac.

HOW good is State of Play?? I have been completely unable to resist watching the BBC4 next week's episode as I can't wait to find out what happens next. Also, it means that next week I can watch BB on Channel 4 as I have already seen SOP, and then watch SOP on BBC4 at 10pm. I had a life once...

bossykate Mon 02-Jun-03 16:02:48

i'm pretty sure both john simm and david morrisey have also appeared in clocking off. paul abbott wrote both i think?

runragged Mon 02-Jun-03 18:45:32

Thank god, it annoys annoys me when I can't think of people. I have learnt all the names now so if anyone needs a resume of last nights I can fill them in sensibly. I watched it today as I work evenings but have still got 2 24s to watch and dh is videoing Spooks tonight, it's no wonder I can't keep up with Eastenders and Corrie anymore. Have to be carful about when I watch things as well as dd is a bit too impressionable now but ds is not two yet. Also if I watch them when she's at play school the housework doesn't get done and the dinners not cooked!!

Okay, I'm not going to see Spooks until tomorrow can you let me know how traumatic it is etc, so I can decide whether I need a friend to watch it with me or not !!!

Codwollop, did you actually see State of Play last night? I noticed you were having a drink with Pie!

eidsvold Mon 02-Jun-03 18:53:22

i don't think the bomb went off as they were interviewing the woman - no idea of her name- and she said there was a surprise in store. I figure ( probably totally wrong) that the surprise must be that someone survives as it seemed as if no one would.

Zoe we are like you - but sadder... we watch the last week ( which we already saw on BBC4) to refresh our memories then flip over to BBC4 to see the latest one.

codswallop Mon 02-Jun-03 19:24:17

I got distracted by gossiping to Ghosty and Breeze was forcing alcohol down my virtual neck. BTW more on that tonight gals

October Mon 02-Jun-03 21:02:14

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 02-Jun-03 21:05:45

T!ts! I've forgotten to video Spooks!!!

badjelly Tue 03-Jun-03 09:58:42

runragged - the first couple of minutes are quite traumatic - I burst into tears! (although I blame PMT) but after that it was a pretty average programme. By the way if your a bit squeemish you might want to shut your eyes for the bit where the army trucks are driving down the road about half way through!!!

badjelly Tue 03-Jun-03 10:00:13

oh yeah and I would get a friend to watch next weeks with. I watched it on BBC3 after last nights episode - YEUCH

SoupDragon Tue 03-Jun-03 10:29:59

But why aren't the repeating the first episode? I was hoping they'd show it on BBC3 but no such luck. It's stuffed up the entire series for us now.

runragged Tue 03-Jun-03 19:07:49

haven't had time to watch Sppoks yet although must confess to having asked dh what happened first thing this morning and then watching 1st 10 minutes - honestly could NOT bear the suspense!

SoupDragon Tue 03-Jun-03 19:50:40

If I sent you the postage, you couldn't send me the tape could you? I'm desperate!

runragged Tue 03-Jun-03 21:01:31

Sure no problem, perhaps its on bbc3 or something as well

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