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PYO in or around St Albans

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mummycan Sun 19-Jun-05 10:46:52

My dd is desperate to go strawberry picking. Does anybody know of anywhere we can do this in or around St Albans - have googled but bot been able to find anything.


mummycan Sun 19-Jun-05 10:47:42

That should be "not been able to find anything" - don't know where the bot came from.

edam Sun 19-Jun-05 11:04:32

Mummycan, don't know anywhere offhand but will have a look for you - I'm in Harpenden so very near.

jenkel Sun 19-Jun-05 12:03:33

Used to be a place a few years ago on the outskirts of Wheathampstead, OK, about 10 years ago now, no idea if its still there.

mummycan Sun 19-Jun-05 20:14:17

apparently there is one in Chidwickbury - anybody know it? any good?

tammybear Sun 19-Jun-05 20:17:37

i remember going to a place called blackbird farm. this was a good few years ago though, and i dont remember where exactly it was, just know that its in herts. maybe google for that? other than that, i cant think of anywhere else, sorry

Rafaella Sun 19-Jun-05 22:52:44

There is a PYO on Harpenden Road on the left going from St Albans to Harpenden just after Rugby Club fields and before Childwickbury. It's good. Sorry, don't know name though - it's usually open when I drive past during the day.

alibubbles Mon 20-Jun-05 07:36:20

Message withdrawn

alibubbles Wed 22-Jun-05 11:14:42

Message withdrawn

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