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Where is Amanda3266?

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bubble99 Sun 19-Jun-05 08:35:52

I haven't seen her around for ages. Anyone know?

bubble99 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:09:05

Anyone? I've seen Mandy66 around, is that her?

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 21:11:55

Is that the Amanda who is a HV? If so she's now posting as Aragon.

bubble99 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:13:20

That's the one coppertop! I shall look out for Aragon now. Thanks for that

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:25:18

no I am not her!!!!

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:26:56

nice someone noticed me though!!!
Feel invisible on here. obviously whatever I say has no impact at all!!! Keep joining threads but they seem to end when I join or whatever I put is completly overlooked!!!!

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 21:29:02

You see! You weren't as invisible as you thought you were.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:30:51

thanks coppertop!!!
I like this site but as I said I dont seem to get involved! maybe its because I am new to it and no one really knows me?!! Alot seem to know each other

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:31:40

or is it just that I talk a load of rubbish?!
As a mother of 5 I thought I might have something to say!!

Mama5 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:33:12

How is five Mandy?

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 21:34:32

Next time there's a thread especially for threadkillers you'll have to come and join us. I've even somehow managed to kill off a Fathers Day thread on Fathers Day.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:36:29

Five is great!! Wondering about number 6!!!!
sensible head says no!!!

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 21:39:45

No.6??? Eeek! Then you'll definitely have no time for mumsnetting.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:43:07

dont know can dangle it from my boob while I type!!! ds4 is just 8 months. the house is a tip though!!!!

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 21:53:57

Mine's a disaster area - and I've only got 2. (Children, not houses )

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:59:54

trying to train them all to tidy up for me...but not working!!! Eldest says it was my choice to have so many kids so I should look after them!!!! He is lovely really!! and he adores the two little ones!

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 22:01:43

You're probably sick of telling everyone but how old are they? Your eldest sounds so cute, bless him.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 22:03:54

14,12,10,2.5 and 8 months.
No not sick of telling everyone as I said everyone has been ignoring me!!!! lol

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 22:07:17

I don't think I've bumped into you on any threads yet. Now of course I'll probably end up following you around everywhere on MN just to make sure you don't feel ignored!!

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 22:11:39

thanks copertop!!
dont feel you have to talk to me though..just cos I am a sad lonely billyno mates!!!!

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 22:15:10

You'll soon be gasbagging away to everyone and be getting your own "where is mandyc66?" threads.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 22:16:36

I dont think so!!! how old are your little ones?

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 22:18:43

Ds1 is 5 and ds2 is 2.4yrs. They get on well most of the time but when they disagree about something we soon know about it.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 22:20:57

when the big ones disagree it is AWFUL!!!!!
but when they do get on its fun!
We have lots of laughs and they chat to me about all sorts its great!

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 22:24:31

I'm no.4 of 5. It was chaos at times but we had some good laughs too.

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