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Council Tax Bands???

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Evesmama Sat 18-Jun-05 19:43:28

yeah i know, im gunna get house move boring..but does anyone know what band we would be in??house is £150'000 in ingleby barwick(stockton borough council)..cant find out from council website and googled for bands but nothing, just the old ones????

thankyou in advance..and thanks for putting up with me

mysterygirl Sat 18-Jun-05 19:46:02

Band F

mysterygirl Sat 18-Jun-05 19:46:45

£1766 per year - thats a FORTUNE!

Evesmama Sat 18-Jun-05 19:46:51

were did you find that out? and is it based upon old house values or new???

mysterygirl Sat 18-Jun-05 19:48:03

actually - it looks like it is based on a historical valuation (ours for instance is based on valuation in 1991)

LIZS Sat 18-Jun-05 19:48:21

Doesn't it say on the house details ? They are being reeevaluated in about 2 years' time.

Evesmama Sat 18-Jun-05 19:48:41

yeah, think thats what ive been looking at..have seen references to new band..but no figures???

mysterygirl Sat 18-Jun-05 19:48:58

i googled "stockton borough council" and "council tax" and it came up with the correct page.

Evesmama Sat 18-Jun-05 19:49:58

yeah, same as i was looking at

janeybops Sat 18-Jun-05 19:51:04

ask the estate agents they should be able to tell you the current one. As for the new ones no one knows them yet!

Evesmama Sat 18-Jun-05 19:54:41

oh, thought they'd changed does that mean im gunna be paying stoopid charges until they reassess it??

LIZS Sat 18-Jun-05 19:58:28

Possibly but logically I doubt the charges will go down - they'll still need the same overall pot of money to run services. The band your house is in should be base upon a previous valuation (not sure about post 1991 houses though)so assuming prices have risen since the evaluation was made you may not yet find yourself in Band F.

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