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where has "ask the experts gone" ?

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bossykate Sun 01-Jun-03 06:39:30

is it just me or has this disappeared from mumsnet?

Tortington Sun 01-Jun-03 23:48:44

WE are the experts!

justiner Mon 02-Jun-03 13:28:36

Well spotted bossykate - the experts have gone on sabbatical for the time being for a couple of reasons - 1. as custardo so rightly says the mumsnet schtick is that we are real mums giving real advice (experienced but not experts, if you like) so the experts always sat a bit uneasily on the site.
2. they weren't getting that much traffic and took quite a lot of coordination. As two of the three of us have in a triumph of bad planning recently had babies we were looking for ways to trim the workload and this seemed a sensible part of the site to cut back on.
Having said that our experts did a fab job and helped a lot of people so we would like to bring them back as and when our resources grow. Does anyone have any strong views for or against?

bossykate Mon 02-Jun-03 13:38:16

i thought it was *fantastic* that you could ask an expert... as well as the other mums of course!

would it be possible to have access to the archived Q&A so that people could at least search there in case their question has already been covered?

justiner Mon 02-Jun-03 13:44:57

Yes, it's in the plans bk,

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