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Failing a degree.

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Smurfgirl Fri 17-Jun-05 17:50:39

My boyfriend just failed his second year at university for the second time.

He can do resits in August, but seeing as he has already failed these exams four time its unlikely he will pass.

He gets good marks in his coursework but constistantly fails his exams. His handwriting is appaling, so he thinks he is failing because they can't read his exams. Honestly I think he has a problem, his spelling is shocking and he really struggles to write 'well'.

I have told him to contact the disabilities service for assessment, but the way things stand if he passes his resits the best he can graduate with (if he passes his 3rd year) is a 3rd without honours. So now he is looking to drop out of uni.

Honestly I don't know what to do to help him. Isn't it going to look really bad on his CV that he had to drop out of his degree because he failed? Has anyone here failed a degree and had to drop out? I feel really bad because I have just passed my degree and all I want to do is celebrate...and he has just failed and all his hard work this year was wasted

happymerryberries Fri 17-Jun-05 17:57:42

My dh has a pass degree, not even a third! And it has never help him back. He just got his confidential report and was described as 'an outstanding officer'.

It isn't all down to what you get on paper. For what it is worth my degree is much better than mine but he is brighter than I am, just don't tell him I told you!

leahbump Fri 17-Jun-05 18:02:17

If he can be diagnosed as having a condition that affected his work in general (ie he'd get better marks alround with the correct support and help!) the examination board may re-mark all of his work in that light (or a sample and then adjust all his marks).

I know someone who discovered their epilepsy medication had affected all but their last year of a degree- his marks were moved from 2:1 to 1st status!!

your boyfriend needs to be assessed- he might find this problem is an obstacle in whatever he decides to do (job etc) and sorting it NOW and learning how to do as well as he can will look better on a CV, will give him more self esteem etc....

You never know he might get a basic honours degree or better- but not if he doesn't try to face the obstacles!

Firstly- I would get him to talk to his tutor and tell them he thinks he might have a problem with his written work (esp exams) and explain that he is going to be assessed by disability services (ie see if he is dyslexic) - this will give him an avenue to appeal on.
Secondly- tell him that struggling with writting isn't unusual and the computer support etc might be offered, exam support might be offered and he might even get extra time in exams If he is diagnosed!! Hopefully he'll go to diability support!!


anchovies Fri 17-Jun-05 18:03:44

My dh also got an ordinary degree not an honours yet he's doing tonnes better than me career wise! (we did the same course and I got an hons degree) He has got BEng whatever on his cv and to this day no one has ever asked him what he got in his degree in an interview.

Agree about seeing disability services, I used to write for a couple of students during exams while I was a postgrad. Might be just what he needs.

jura Sat 18-Jun-05 01:14:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Copper Sat 18-Jun-05 06:25:47

He really does sound as though he has dyslexia - classic mismatch between knowledge/intelligence and ability to get it down on paper in a form that someone else can understand. Universities are supposed to support dyslexics and allow them to type exams (does he type his coursework?)

Can he push for the chance to type his resits in August - he's got nothing to lose because he obviously knows his stuff if he does well in course work. It doesn't sound like exam phobia, where he can't write - just that no one else can read his writing!

There should be a special unit somewhere in the university which may be able to give him advice and help.

Best of luck to him and you - he sounds as though he has a lot of courage, determination and resilience as well as intelligence (to go with the bad handwriting and spelling!). He sounds like a man to be proud of.

Copper Sat 18-Jun-05 06:26:24

And congratulations for you!

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