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5 fav things about your baby

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badjelly Fri 30-May-03 14:49:17

DD is now 6 months and at the stage where she's "doing" things - missing her like mad as she's at nursery at the mo and have been thinking about the best things about her. I've managed to narrow it down to 5 fav's. Anyone else like to join in?

- her big welcoming smile when you've been out, even for 5 minutes.
- the way she looks at you with big eyes full of love when she's having her bottle and a cuddle.
- the cheeky grin you get first thing in the morning when you find her completley turned round and legs hanging out of the side of her cot.
- the shock on her face when you change from main meal to pudding.
- The way she always giggles when you "eat" her belly and neck.

eefs Fri 30-May-03 15:03:03

oh, this is going to be a nice thread.

- the way he cuddles into me and wraps him little fat arms around my neck if I bring him into our bed for a cuddle
- the way he reads his books to himself and giggles when he hits a funny bit, esp when I notice the book is being held upsidedown.
- the earnest proud way he tries to help me do things: digs up my freshly planted seedlings/drowns himself when he helps to wash up etc
- the way he always wakes up on the right side of the cot, big smiles and happy chatter. always makes my day.
- the way he never holds grudges and is always happy to see me, even if I'm in a bad mood he's happy to see me, he's a little bundle of happyness.

aww, I want to go home to him now...

badjelly Fri 30-May-03 16:05:48

Where is everyone today? I'm not going to be able to read this thread again till monday now!

I've just thought - I never actually 'announced' her birth on here as I was on maty leave and didn't have pooter access at the time - Laura Jane born 11th December 2002 9lb 5oz emergency section. There done it!

EJsMum Fri 30-May-03 16:13:02

Awwwwwwwww, badjelly. All of those things are true of my 9mo DD too

Enid Fri 30-May-03 17:32:21

dd2, 7 months:
-the way she laughs so much at her sister in the bath that she gets hiccups
-the way she waggles her arms and legs excitedly when she sees me
-the way she roars like a tiny dragon when she gets excited about something
-her madly curly standing up hair
-her ability to eat huge amounts of food with relish

eidsvold Fri 30-May-03 19:14:15

dd ten months..

- 100% beaming smiles - no half measures, wrinkled face, ( 2 teethy smile) cheeky half closed eyes
- when she giggles for no reason in particular
- when she snuggles into you as you take her up to bed
- when she puts her hand in your hand
- her smell - grubby/clean that real baby smell.

sis Fri 30-May-03 22:20:50

Ds is 4.5yrs old - but he's still my baby.

- the smell on the top of his head
- the way he now tips his head slightly to let his mad parents sniff the top of his head
-his giggle
-the gentle, loving way he plays with younger children and babies
- his gorgeous, cute toes

steppemum Sat 31-May-03 11:48:01

awww, what a lovely thread, I'm always wanting to tell people about my little cutey.
Only 5....lets see....

ds 5 months

-his huge cute giggly grin, for no reason at all sorts of times, just because life is FUN
-his chuckly belly laugh when I whisper in his ear, especially because it is so unexpectedly deep
-the way he lies on his back and plays with his toes as soon as I take his nappy off (how do they bend in the middle like that)
-his delight when he does something new, extra large cute smile to say "look at me"
-the way he gets SOOOO excited when he realises he's going outside, and then is totally enthralled by everything he can see as we walk along

Claireandrich Sat 31-May-03 21:41:10

Oh, how sweet is all this. Makes me smile!

My baby DD is 13 months old and growing up quick. % of the best bits about her:

- her new toothy laugh - she has two big top teeth, with a big gap between them (bottom not through yet) and it is sooo cute
- the way she wakes up in a morning, leans from her cot (at bottom of my bed) and tickles my toes to wake me up
- the way she pats me and daddy on the back when giving us a cuddle
- the way she giggles and giggles madly for no apparant reason
- when I collect her from nursery, the way she looks up, grins, jumps up, runs across the room and throws her arms round my legs shouting mama

Ghosty Sat 31-May-03 21:50:38

My DS .... 3 and a half years old
- the way he says 'Mummy ... I love you soooo much
- the way he looks when he is asleep ...
- his bottom
- the fact that he is ticklish all over ... just like his dad
- His belly laugh when he is being tickled ....

Jane101 Mon 02-Jun-03 21:27:46

The great thing about ds is how much he loves life. He is full of curiosity and joy and finds everything interesting. He is growing and developing and learning so much - it took him months to work out how to jump, and now he does it all the time, just for fun.

Lennie Mon 02-Jun-03 21:35:44

DS is 9.5 months.
- he's just learnt to wave and looks surprised when he does it and we all get excited. Almost like he's not sure he's done it in the right place
- the way he laughs at the funny bits on Teletubbies
- if he sees me drinking water from my sports bottle he abandons his sippy cup in favour of it, even though it's a litre size and almost as big as him
- the excitement that lights up his face when DH comes home and he races on hands and knees to the door, almost tripping in his haste to get to his daddy.
- when I'm trying to change his nappy and he wriggles off, naked bottom smiling at me as he crawls out of reach

Chiccadum Mon 02-Jun-03 21:57:08

DD1 Aged 4

- The way that she looks at me all doe eyed when she wakes up in a morning
- The way that she will shout me at the top of her voice to say that she loves me no matter where we are or who we are with
- The way she snuggles up to me and insists on sharing my pillow and sniffing my hair when she sleeps with me when her daddy is on nights
- When she smiles it goes from ear to ear
- Her eyelashes, they are like spiders and make her look like bambi

Chiccadum Mon 02-Jun-03 22:00:22

DD2 aged 1

- The way she screams with delight when I go to take her grobag off each morning
- Her very tighy curly hair which is ever so soft and has ginger tinges to it
- Her ears, could and do play with them for hours
- The biggest multicoloured eyes I've ever seen on a baby
- The way she nuzzles into my neck for a cuddle and insists on giving me big snotty kisses that go on for ages

lou33 Mon 02-Jun-03 22:12:13

The way he smells.
The way he laughs.
The way he sleeps.
The way he tries so hard.
The way he is so proud of himself when he succeeds. (ds2)

The way he smells
The way he laughs.
The way he sleeps.
The way he acts so brave, but is a scared little kitten really.
The morning cuddle he gives me as soon as he gets up. (ds1)

The way she smells.
The way she laughs.
The way she sleeps.
The way her smile lights up a room.
The kindness that shines out of her. (dd2)

The way she smells.
The way she laughs (so very ticklish).
The way she sleeps.
The way she has blossomed into an extraordinary young lady.
The way I catch her dancing to her favourite songs. (dd1)

My most favourite thing is that my children are mine though!

happycat Mon 02-Jun-03 22:16:51

DD aged 1

-the first smile when i come into her room in the morning
-the way she trys to blow her dinner to cool it down which looks more like blowing raspberries.
-she plays with her feet and toes when I'm breastfeeding her
-when she nuzzles into my neck and gives me a cuddle
-hearing her say ma ma

leander Mon 02-Jun-03 22:18:32

DS 16mths
The way he toddles into our bedroom in the morning and rubs my cheek to wake me up.
the way he puckers up to give me a kiss.
the way he says LUB OOO(love you)
when he gets excited and has proper belly laughs.
and the way he knows how to get away with being naughty by giving you the biggest smile.
God I love him so much it hurts.

crystaltips Mon 02-Jun-03 22:23:15

DD aged 8 and DS aged 10

Monday - they go to school
Tuesday - they go to school
Wednesday - they go to school
Thursday - they go to school
Friday - they go to school

noooooo ! JOKE

- The way, when they play nicely together, there is usually hysterical laughter.
- The way they smell after a bath
- The pocket money chart still holds clout !
- Their innocence
- The unconditional love - from them to me and from me to them!

snickers Mon 02-Jun-03 22:37:45

DD1 and only so far (10.5m) ...

- her beautiful big blue eyes, and long, LONG lashes
- When she is put in her cot for bedtime, and she reaches over and cuddles up to her snoopy dog
- the way she yanks at my skirt to be picked up
- when she sees other babies or children and laughes and gets excited
- the way she sits with her mouth open like a baby bird waiting for food to be posted in!

Lollypop Tue 03-Jun-03 21:14:14

Lovely idea for a thread

DS, 5 Months
-His huge smile
-The way he sings to himself when he wakes up in the morning
-His giggle
-The skin on the back of his head
-His smell
-The look of surprise and little snort he gives when splashed with water

DD, 3yrs
-Her laugh
-Her smile
-The way she says 'I love you'
-Her wicked sense of humour
-The way she sleeps

hermykne Tue 03-Jun-03 21:28:50

what a gorgeus thread

my dd 8 months
-the happiness she has brought into mine and dh lives
-how i still can cry to look at hear and remember my first touch & smell of her.
-how she needs me and depends on me makes me feel so responible and good about myself.
-her chuckle and her favourite game going up and down the stairs chuckling
-the way she looks at photos of herself as a new born just amazes me.

meanmum Tue 03-Jun-03 21:40:23

1. When he wakes up happy in the morning and smiles when he sees me.
2. When he cuddles me each morning. He's not very affectionate and this means so much.
3. The way he panics if he thinks I'm going to work without him and therefore he isn't going to the childminders. He loves her more than me I'm sure.
4. His gorgeous little walk
5. The way I see his little mind developing each day.

Can I add one more, pleeeeease, the way when I'm with him all of my cares just disappear.

Dreams Sun 21-Dec-03 18:30:58

I Love this thread:

1)His gorgeous cheeky smile
2)The love and happiness he has brought into our lives.
3)his amazing one in a million coloured blue eyes.
4)The way he loves to kiss and cuddle us
5)The innocent way he lays in his cot and sleeps.

I really need to add this one........The way he has showed me the meaning to my life!

Dreams Sun 21-Dec-03 18:31:40

by the way he is 15 months old

popsycal Sun 21-Dec-03 18:50:48

awh - i like this thread!!!
1. His cheeky giggle
2. His fat tummy
3. Shouting mamamamama and reaching out for me when i pick him up from childminders
4. his 'dancing'!!!!!
5. his curly hair
he is 16 months going on 17 months and is the world to me

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