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Cleaning Smeary Glasses from Dishwasher

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PandaBear Fri 30-May-03 10:08:25

OK - all my glasses I have washed in the dishwasher have come out with a white smear all over them. I have tried to clean it off with washing up liquid but no joy. Any wise advice on how to get rid of this??

SoupDragon Fri 30-May-03 10:23:19

I think you may be stuck with it. Some glasses are badly affected by dishwashers and get a millky smearing which it permanent.

whymummy Fri 30-May-03 10:59:02

wash them in water and vinegar,and add vinegar to the dishwasher as well

Furball Fri 30-May-03 12:54:56

There done for I'm afraid. Did it just happen overnight? It normally takes a good 6 months or so. The solution? Buy cheap glasses and re-place them every year.

SamboM Fri 30-May-03 14:01:32

My mil swears blind that if you soak them overnight in the sink with 4 steradent tablets (ones to clean false teeth!!) this will come off. Tried it on ours and didn't work. It depends on how high a lead crystal content your glasses have, the higher it is the less likely the bloom is to come off. Try it anyway.

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