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TheLadyEvenstarsRomanCandle Wed 04-Nov-09 15:08:38

It Appears that as well as offending, for which I apologise, people with my post from yesterday asking for help with ds1;s new uniform I have also enabled some posters to have a great laugh, for this, well I am glad it has amused you so highly.

I have been on MN on and off for 6 yrs. And have never asked for anything other than advice which, although it may not seem that way, I always take on board.

For those of you MN'ers who I speak to often you will know that putting that thread up took a lot for me to do, I am a proud person who always finds a way round things, sadly this is one occassion which I cannot. But I will...somehow.

Please fellow Mumsnetters, can you attempt to forget the posting I placed where I was asking for help and try to remember, I am afterall, just a fellow mum who does fal on hard times like we all do and would not have asked if it was not genuine. Remember I will still be the same person who has opinions and answers....but underneath the bravado you all see on here I have feelings.

WowOoo Wed 04-Nov-09 15:10:46

I wasn't here yesterday and would never be bothered enough to read a post from yesterday. I recognise your name and as far as I'm concerned, whatever it was is forgotten!

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