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How British are you????

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Gwenick Thu 16-Jun-05 15:57:46

just seen this

On the BBC - in order to pass the new test to become a British citizen you've got to answer 24 questions based on the information on in the "Life in the United Kingdom" book published by the government!!!!

I scored 8/15 "seat in the district council" in this test - how did you do??

Can't believe some of the crazy things they could get questioned about!!

beansmum Thu 16-Jun-05 16:01:34

10 for me

pmsl at some of the questions

tarantula Thu 16-Jun-05 16:04:08

good job I dont need to pass a test to live here then did know the saints day!! All taht Catholic ed has left me with the odd bit of knowledge

lilaclotus Thu 16-Jun-05 16:04:35

i got 11 right. i can become a brit in september, but i am not sure about doing tests etc.

QueenFlounce Thu 16-Jun-05 16:09:44


SaintGeorge Thu 16-Jun-05 16:09:45

11 right - but going by some of the answers I would be fascinated to see what other info is in that book.

starlover Thu 16-Jun-05 16:14:19

i got 12.. seat in parliament!

KBear Thu 16-Jun-05 16:32:44

I got 8 and I was born and bred here!!! Am crap citizen obviously. I eat lots of fish and chips though so I have redeemed myself.

paolosgirl Thu 16-Jun-05 16:38:10

I got 6. I'm on the next plane out of here, I guess...

JoolsToo Thu 16-Jun-05 16:40:00

I got 12

ninah Thu 16-Jun-05 16:41:02

8 too

ninah Thu 16-Jun-05 16:41:39

I can dance like Dick Van Dyke?

HappyHuggy Thu 16-Jun-05 16:43:13

I got 11 right!!!!!

elsmommy Thu 16-Jun-05 16:43:40

I got 8!!

starshaker Thu 16-Jun-05 16:50:48

im scottish so that prob explains why i scored so low lol

kama Thu 16-Jun-05 16:53:55

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Thu 16-Jun-05 16:54:21

I got a ridiculous 6

Gwenick Thu 16-Jun-05 16:55:28

m scottish so that prob explains why i scored so low lol

Excuses excuses - this is the "British" test - not the English test

starshaker Thu 16-Jun-05 16:57:06

bugger ok then its cos im blonde

sparklymieow Thu 16-Jun-05 17:04:02

I got 9, shouldn't be allowed to live here

snafu Thu 16-Jun-05 18:05:18

I got nine, better send me back

Gwenick Thu 16-Jun-05 18:06:21

Do you think they'll make all kids (regardless of nationality) sit this test before leaving school??? They'll have to really - could you imagine all these immigrant families kids knowing more about the UK than our kids !!!!

LeahE Thu 16-Jun-05 18:36:45

14 (smug emoticon)

To be fair, these are questions the BBC made up after reading the guide, not the official questions. I very much doubt most of these would ever be on the test paper...

Hausfrau Thu 16-Jun-05 18:42:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lonelymum Thu 16-Jun-05 18:43:14

I only got 9 out of 15!

The one that astonished me is the fact that dog licences were abolished in 1987! What?!

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