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Fake tanner virgin ...about to go all the way

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Mosschops30 Thu 16-Jun-05 12:50:10

Message withdrawn

QueenFlounce Thu 16-Jun-05 13:00:14

Tanning Virgin I am no more!! last night I was buffed... exfoliated.... moisturised and Fully St Tropez'd at a local Health Club!! I'm a golden girl today, however I'm at work, whats the point eh?

Mosschops30 Thu 16-Jun-05 13:01:03

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Thu 16-Jun-05 13:01:55

dont use the palms at all (but i see you have gloves)

i hope you have the remover................

oliveoil Thu 16-Jun-05 13:02:53

good on you QueenF [smile}

Mosschops30 Thu 16-Jun-05 13:03:24

Message withdrawn

QueenFlounce Thu 16-Jun-05 13:07:39

I think I look fab, just wish it lasted longer!

OO - Chickened out of getting my torso done..... nobody sees it anyway!

nailpolish Thu 16-Jun-05 13:10:20

well i had a bad 1st time with the st tropez, my hands were a nightmare (again, though, i see you have the gloves) and i raced down the town at 100 miles an hr for the remover cos you have 5 mins to use it before its too late or something. i bought it in boots and washed my hands in their loos. still was too late and i had orange hands and wrists for a wk

its also good for round the hairline. but if your cautious youll be fine...

nailpolish Thu 16-Jun-05 13:11:29

but now i manage fine without it and dont really use it. just practice and patience

st tropez is fab, one of my fave things for making you feel great!

Mosschops30 Fri 17-Jun-05 09:59:01

Message withdrawn

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