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artex - best way to get them off

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biglips Thu 16-Jun-05 11:04:03

as i was gonna hire a steamer but mum mentioned about that the plaster on wall behind the artex may fall off!!, pls dont tell me i have to scrape it

moschops Thu 16-Jun-05 11:07:34

the best way to get rid of it is to plaster over it...............damn stuff should be made illegal it is a decorating nightmare.

SaintGeorge Thu 16-Jun-05 11:26:15

However you do it, wear a face mask. Some old artex has asbestos in it.

mogwai Thu 16-Jun-05 11:52:31

agree it needs to be plastered over.

Can you believe my mother has just had her hall artexed????? Is she mad?????

basketcase Thu 16-Jun-05 11:54:20

DO NOT steam it - you will regret it I promise you. Only way to deal with it and remain sane is to plaster over it - cheaper, faster and safer. We have done it both ways so my plea comes from the heart

anteater Thu 16-Jun-05 12:03:43

You may find that the artex texture is too deep to skim over, try knocking the peaks off with an old float before replastering..
Artex walls = complete nightmare

oliveoil Thu 16-Jun-05 12:06:50

Plaster it. In my old house it was all over the ceiling in nice peaks .

biglips Thu 16-Jun-05 21:36:23

thanks everyone, ill ask DP to skim it over after ive knocked off the peaks bits (how boring!!)

aloadoffishyballs Thu 16-Jun-05 21:37:21

I always think they look like royal icing peaks

biglips Thu 16-Jun-05 21:39:10

it wasnt my design as i moved in my house 2 yrs ago with the artex already on the walls. plus ive got them in my dining room all over the walls and cleaning and my dining room is 16" X 16" !!

thedogmother Thu 16-Jun-05 21:47:18

a nice big blowtorch should do the trick

zebraZ Thu 16-Jun-05 21:50:23

I thought mogwai wrote that her mother had had her hair artexed... I was PMSL for a moment, there.

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