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It is not really a toy, I broke it and I would like to know what it is called to order a new one.

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gorionine Mon 02-Nov-09 09:00:13

Ok, is a plastic thing with 100s of nails stuck in it basically.

It is about 12 cm wide and 18 cm long. It is layered, there is one flat rectangle(12/18) then there is another layer(same size) with lots of holes, all of then containing a nail. Then there is another layer of the same size but seethrough like a window.

The "thing" is used as such : you get all the nails to come out of layer1, when done, you can press your hand for example on the nails. The nails under your hand will be pushed towards the "window" bit and show a 3D picture of your hand.

I have brocken one that was lended to me by a friend. I do not know what it is called so I cannot find another one on line (or anywhere actually) to replace it.

I have so far tried "nail picture/s", "nail picturer", "nail frame" "3D nail pictures" and got on various manicure and DIY website.

If you have one of them, do you know how it is called?

There will be a reward of virtual chocolate and hot drink for anyone who can help!

Thank you!

silverfrog Mon 02-Nov-09 09:02:05

like this?

try googling Pin Art - loads of places sell them (gadgety type shops)


TheBalladofGayTony Mon 02-Nov-09 09:03:15


travellingwilbury Mon 02-Nov-09 09:03:37

I know what you mean but no idea what they are called .Will have a google

travellingwilbury Mon 02-Nov-09 09:04:12

Well done grin

gorionine Mon 02-Nov-09 09:20:42

Oh thank you all so very much!

PIN ART! I should have thought of thatblush

I have to say I am truely impressed you understood what I was on about! And so fast as well!

So, teas, coffees? I have some dairy milk caramels and some Bourbons.

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