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Holiday suggestions????

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charleepeters Wed 15-Jun-05 18:44:12

Hi has anyone ever been camping with a 10 months old baby????

If so where did they sleep? not sure travel cot would fit in a tent!
How did you heat up bottles/food
where did you dispose of nappies??

was it a sucsess???

This is the cheapest holiday we can think of and me and dp love camping, any other holiday ideas would me most welcome has to be, in england. suitable for ds.

Milliways Wed 15-Jun-05 18:49:52

We have just been camping with friends and a <1 yr old (who also went at 3 months!!). TBH he didn't sleep that well at night, but wasn't terrible either.

He was breastfed still for milk but his solids were heated in saucepan on gas stove. You could boil a kettle & heat bottle in a jug?

He slept on an air bed in same pod as the Mum with stuff stuffed between it & the pod edges to keep him off the floor. (First time he was still in carry cot so easier.)

The family had fun but there were over 40 of us so plenty of sharing him out, pushchair pusher volunteers etc. If your DP helps out enough you should have a great time.

charleepeters Wed 15-Jun-05 19:46:51

rhanks Milliways - any other personal experiences out there???????

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