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The internet is just great!

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happymerryberries Wed 15-Jun-05 16:11:38

I spent some time over the weekend doing a mountain of ironing and watched 'The Song of Bernadette' while I was doing it, a good ironing movie!

I've been looking for more information on St Bernadette and have found lots of websites that have been very help fun. One, run by a Catholic organisation askes you to rate Saints by how helpful they have been to you!

What an amazing age to live in, when you can vote for the most helpful saint on line!

happymerryberries Wed 15-Jun-05 16:12:06

Sorry helpful not help fun!

flamesparrow Wed 15-Jun-05 16:12:25

I am slightly concerned about rating saints....

flamesparrow Wed 15-Jun-05 16:12:46

Nope... help fun sounded right!!

Gwenick Wed 15-Jun-05 16:13:05

Does it allow you to nominate saints too - and then have the info passed onto the pop

flamesparrow Wed 15-Jun-05 16:14:06

The pop?? Is he the daddy of the church?

Gwenick Wed 15-Jun-05 16:15:04

yeah you know like the "Bish" (sorry LGJ if you're reading )

happymerryberries Wed 15-Jun-05 16:15:35

This is the link, not making this up!

rate a saint

tamum Wed 15-Jun-05 16:21:19

Hee hee- I love the idea of a saint being rated as "somewhat helpful"

happymerryberries Wed 15-Jun-05 16:22:54

For some reason I greatly amused me. I was imagining there to be a top 10, with saints competing for the big top spot!

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