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Can anyone remember how to play Hopscotch?

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macwoozy Tue 14-Jun-05 16:47:37

I promised my nephews that I would show them how to play Hopscotch but when I started to explain I realised I couldn't remember the rules and how to play it, even though I played it all the time as a kiddie.

I know the layout with the numbers, and I can remember throwing a stone on a particular numbered square and then not being allowed to step on that square but how does it work after that? What happens if your stone doesn't end up on the square you were aiming for? I think I remember it getting more difficult as the game proceeded by not being allowed to hop on many squares, but how does that happen?

This has been bugging me so please someone, does anyone know????????

sparklymieow Tue 14-Jun-05 16:48:45

wasn't it you had to throw the stone in order 1,2,3,4 etc, and then you skipped out that number.

WigWamBam Tue 14-Jun-05 16:56:00

This is the version I used to play (I hasten to add that I'm not as old as this version of the game is, though).

macwoozy Tue 14-Jun-05 17:09:01

Thanks for that link WigWamBam, I'm off out with my stones. God help my back.

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