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Are there any MNers in the London area with a husband whose first name starts with D? (bit of a long shot!)

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This is a very long shot but I've done some joint work over the past few years with D (won't give full name - not wanting to invade anyone's privacy) but work in a different organisation and got a letter this week from D's organisation saying he's left - all very sudden.

Anyway, I haven't got a contact number but know he's married with two children and we used to chat a bit about baby led weaning and stuff so I wondered if he/his wife is a MNer! grin

Just wanted to say hello and hope everything's OK - have searched Facebook but his surname is a common one so have had no luck!

Like I say - long shot but if you're Mrs D then would love you to let me know so I can pass on my details smile

BiteOfFun Sun 25-Oct-09 18:00:37

I don't think mrs d is going to recognize herself from that description!

nighbynight Sun 25-Oct-09 18:01:28

Oh I dont know, I can rule myself out immediately!

chegirlknowswhereyoulive Sun 25-Oct-09 19:02:40

I know its not me. My OH wouldnt have the first fricking clue what BLW was grin

ah well! I'm just a bit worried at D leaving so suddenly - the organisation (works closely with the NHS - clue!) is being very cagey and we weren't close enough friends that I have personal contact details for him, but we got on well and I really enjoyed working with him.

Never mind - was worth a try! Hate leaving things un-sorted though - such a shame as he was a bit of a fellow 'rebel' and there's not many of us around.

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