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Need help with fancy dress for the kiddiewinks!

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Gobbledigook Mon 13-Jun-05 20:43:35

Ds's have to dress up as nursery rhyme characters for their end of term party - they are 4 and 2.5 - what do you reckon I could manage?!!?

Not till July so a bit of time to prepare but I'll need it!

Bear in mind, JT can sew like a demon so perhaps I can rope her in!

Fimbo Mon 13-Jun-05 20:48:01

Jack from Jack & Jill - bandage round the head.

Its quite a hard one for boys isn't it? Lots of girlie nursery rhymes. Unless one is happy to go well padded out as Humpty Dumpty................

ambrosia Mon 13-Jun-05 20:49:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoftFroggie Mon 13-Jun-05 21:03:03

Wee willie winkie - in his nightgown

Little boy blue

Grand Old Duke of York

Bakers man from pat-a-cake

Peter and Paul from two little dickie birds

King from sing a song of sixpence

Old King Cole

Crooked man from there was a crooked man...

Doctor Foster

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker from 3 men in a tub

Jack jumping over a candle stick

tweedledum and tweedledee

A few ideas? I like Grand Old duke of York and Old King Cole best.

Gobbledigook Mon 13-Jun-05 21:11:32

Oh I like those best too Froggie! Now, where can I get an outfit? JOOLS!

zebraZ Mon 13-Jun-05 21:13:33

blatent hijack... can anyone give me ideas for how to make a 5yo look like a spaceman or an alien, with minimal artistic ability on my part?

Need an idea for Friday, I work Tues-Thurs, too, blech!!!

SoftFroggie Mon 13-Jun-05 22:04:57

Old King Cole needs a pipe, bowl and 3 violinists.

Frizbe Mon 13-Jun-05 22:06:40

Little miss muffett, easy, dress hat & bowl n spoon! you could do the other as a spider

Gobbledigook Tue 14-Jun-05 12:22:27

Frizbe - are you suggesting I dress ds1 up as a girl?! Hee hee - not sure he'd go for that! Like the spider one - I think I'll do ds2 as incy wincy spider!! Thanks for that one!

How shall I do it - black face then just all dressed in black with 2 extra legs sewn on either side?

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