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Any interesting suggestions for a "Christening"

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SamboM Tue 27-May-03 12:52:31

We are having a party to celebrate the birth of my dd, not a proper christening as we are not religious. I saw a while back that everyone had such interesting and different suggestions for weddings, wondered if anyone had done anything interesting for a christening.

Also, where do you get cakes that aren't just boring or naff. May just go to Patisserie Valerie and get a fantastic white choccy one, but any suggestions welcome (other than cooking myself as am useless and have no time!)

Lastly, do you buy little pressies for the "god" parents from the baby or not?

SamboM Tue 27-May-03 12:57:43

Oh yes, and where can I get a dress - don't want anything too frilly or even necessarily white, just something pretty really. DD is going to be 10 months old, anyone seen anything nice lately?

Tinker Tue 27-May-03 13:02:40

SamboM - you can get beautiful girls dresses in Monsoon.

Don't know about cakes but I don't think you need to get presents for the 'god' parents. At least I never got one when I was one

Eeek Tue 27-May-03 13:33:19

we had a naming ceremony for our ds and invited everyone we know. we had a celebrant from the Humanist Society who talked to us about what we wanted and wrote up a brief speech. They can give lots of suggestions. One nice one was to get everyone to release a ballon printed with your baby's name. We had a lovely time & everyone commented about how nice it was, relaxed & informal but still welcoming ds in front of everyone who mattered.

prufrock Wed 28-May-03 21:01:57

One really nice idea I heard was for all guests to ive the baby promises rather than presents. Eg "I will teach you all about wine when you are old enough", "I promise you will always have decent shoes to wear" Of course you need to know people will be around for a few years, but it seems a lot more personal than endelss toys or silver mugs.

and for cakes try chocawaddy

Tortington Thu 29-May-03 19:07:28

thats beautiful pru

SamboM Thu 29-May-03 19:44:53

Yes, it is. Thanks, may well do that.

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