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Noddy !

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Pancake Tue 27-May-03 11:41:53

Another strange request from Pancake! I am desperately searching for Noddy cups, plates, napkins, tablecoths etc for ds 4th birthday party! I managed to find invitations but nothing else! Having searched the Internet for 2 hours yesterday I thought I'd found the answer ... but alas nothing! So this is my last plea to all mumsnetters ... has anyone seen any Noddy party stuff?

motherinferior Tue 27-May-03 11:45:50

Have you tried the BBC website, as Noddy is on CBeebies and the Beeb rarely misses a trick?

LIZS Tue 27-May-03 11:53:01

Have you tried the Party Directory ( or another catalogue I think called Party Pieces. Sorry don't have copies to hand to check for you.

katierocket Tue 27-May-03 12:13:41

here you go pancake - this place does the whole lot

sorry haven't learnt how to do links

Pancake Tue 27-May-03 13:53:20

Many thanks! I got very excited about Adam Ant but sadly none in stock and manufacturer has gone bust! Typical ! So still no Noddy! I think I'll just make do with a Noddy cake and yellow and red everything else!

Thanks for all your suggestions though!

codswallop Tue 27-May-03 14:01:50


Jaybee Tue 27-May-03 14:21:17

Toys R Us usually have an excellent range of party stuff - although their website doesn't seem to show any - may be worth giving your nearest a ring.

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