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Bo Mon 18-Jun-01 12:04:07

I think this is a great site - a friend mentioned it to me.

In your various comments I've seen a couple more good ones mentioned, either informative, (like, which is great), or shopping, like ( I think!)

Does anyone elso know of any good sites, be it interesting gadgets, how to be a good (house)wife and mother!?

Starshine79 Mon 18-Jun-01 13:51:02

pioner is a really good site

Sml Mon 18-Jun-01 13:54:50 gives IT news like you won't read it in the papers.

Sml Mon 18-Jun-01 13:56:41


Pat Mon 18-Jun-01 14:07:11

If you want eat out cheaply, then try They have offers (which they change daily) on decent restaurants throughout the UK e.g. 2 courses for £10. They are mainly limited to lunchtimes and early evening. I haven't tried it personally but friends have recommended.

Lizzer Mon 18-Jun-01 16:09:04

A great alternative online health store is Farmacia - I love the boxes they make up for various ailments or treats, and the price is reasonable too...

Batters Mon 18-Jun-01 20:25:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lizzer Wed 27-Jun-01 13:39:58

Just found a brilliant website! Don't know if y'all have heard of it before, it's, it has loads of things to do for children aged 1-4 and is sectioned into each year ie "I am 1", "I am 2" etc. It has games, colouring, links for the children and a parent's side that has advice and links to allsorts of sites for clothing, toys etc. Check it out it's v good, have downloaded some games for my 18 month old just now....:)

Kia Fri 29-Jun-01 19:23:44

Thanks a million SML! is just what I needed today to make informed comments in the IT (men only, girlees allowed if they make the tea)meeting - stick that in your hard drive matey!!! I am not worthy - however, they don't know that!!!

Tusky Sat 30-Jun-01 18:19:40

One of my favourite websites is Cybercandy
( - it's full of fab sweeties from Australia,NZ,China,Japan and the US - some of the packaging is really collectable !I urge you to try it - useful for Australians etc in the UK to get a fix of their favourite chocs

Bells1 Wed 04-Jul-01 16:11:22

Cheers for that Tusky - no more trekking out to the Australian Shop in Covent Garden. I have just placed my first order for Cherry Ripes, Caramello Koalas and various other necessities!.

Kia Fri 10-Aug-01 20:01:13

just found a website it has reviews of the package holidays by people who don't pull punches. Its a bit wierd to start with, you have to scroll down alot of crap but I've been looking at the page on Lassi in Kefalonia because thats where I'm going on Monday. I've had my rough guide which I often use and it was frankly scathing about Lassi, yet the people on this site apparently having been there in the last month or two say its ok despite bad press. We've promised the kids a bit of touristy greek (yuk!) to keep them quiet for a week's island hopping on a boat and now it looks like there's not going to be any feesh n cheeps greek style after all! *sigh*!!! I'm off to the friendsreunited site now for a laugh.

Stompy Mon 13-Aug-01 13:00:58

There's a really good website called
It sells nursery equipment and pushchairs, as well as other bits and bobs at discount prices. I recently ordered a Mamas and Papas cot which included a mattress and bedding for a hundred quid. The delivery is free and although it says within seven days, my order turned up just two days later. Brilliant!
BTW I don't work for them!

Suew Mon 13-Aug-01 20:41:58

Here's one I saw advetised in a health mag today Cleo Discreet.

It's a pelvic floor toner, a snip at 169 quid! Mains adaptor also available (I'm not sure I fancy the idea of being plugged into the mains!)

Apparently it will give the equivalent exercise of around 350 traditional pelvic floor exercises in around 45mins. I think there should be a mumsnet review of it :)

Faith Wed 15-Aug-01 09:51:04

Has anyone bought any clothes from GudrunsJoden? ( company, some of whose clothes look nice, in a comfortable, ethnic, old hippy style. However I suspect that they may also be a bit shapeless and frumpy? before I decide whether or not to order ( returns are not free) I'd like to hear from anyone who has tried them.

Morgie Wed 15-Aug-01 21:35:04

I visited a fantastic shop this week which sells just about anything you might need for baby - prams, cots and bedding, car seats you name it they probably sell it. I have never seen so many pushchairs under one roof,particuarly of the double variety!!.
They have a website The site gives an overview of what they sell, although no prices or specific model details. However the staff seem to know their stuff, and were very helpful when I phoned them which makes a pleasant change!! Having surfed the net they are the cheapest site I have found for the Maclaren Techno-£126.99.
The shop is on a farm near Rugby, Warwickshire and there is plenty of free parking and a cafe selling very reasonably priced snacks. Good map giving directions on website.
well worth a visit

Dorisday Thu 16-Aug-01 22:40:58

faith-wow!cool website-except i'm not sure about the exchange rate for swedish kroner-liked a silver ring at 169 kroner -does anyone know what that is in pounds? i guess it would be easy enoughh to find out, but i'm lazy(as u can tell from my bad typing!)

Tom Fri 17-Aug-01 08:58:29

v funky baby stuff:

Suew Fri 17-Aug-01 16:39:41

169 Kroner is roughly £11.50.

I like this site for currency conversion.

Jgb Fri 17-Aug-01 19:22:10 sell cheap (£2.99) cds of nursery rhymes and children's songs and stories - altho that said their cds are on sale in Tesco at £1.99 so if you're near a tesco go there instead! - I've bogught a load of different ones as on the 15th hearing even the nicest cd starts to pall!

Jgb Fri 17-Aug-01 19:24:21

Oh and I'm not sure if this is the same site as already mentioned but will beat any price - shop or other website -for baby equipemnt - free delivery - and I've found them very good on the several things I've bought - including when I had a problem with my playpen door.

Joe Fri 17-Aug-01 20:52:21

Not a kiddy site but something for a really good laugh, Ur Its pictures other halfs have put on the site after they have dumped their girlfriends/boyfriends. Not always a funny time I know but the pictures are and some of them need to be revenged. Something to keep in mind when you take those oh so innocent photos

Housewife Mon 20-Aug-01 19:51:53

Have you seen the site? It's not as commercial as you'd think - it's got some great developmental tips, especially looking at things from a baby;s perspective which I think is a novel approach and if you're not interested in all that you can always sign up for advance product infor and sometimes free nappies - can't be bad!

Robinw Sun 26-Aug-01 06:06:59

message withdrawn

georgiana Sun 13-Oct-02 15:38:11

This is a great thread so thought I'd start it up again.My vote goes to where you go to testyourself and you can do lots of tests for fun or serious tests,such like are you compatible with your partner to are you depressed to finding out which day your child or you were born on.

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