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Ceroc - Tell Me About It

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Earlybird Sun 12-Jun-05 23:19:42

Anyone do Ceroc? Is it hard to learn? How long would it take to be reasonably proficient (assuming average ability!)? Where do you go to do it? Is it populated with "normal" people, or is there a high percentage of strange characters? Is it a nice way to meet people? Is it fun?

I've heard about it quite a few times over the past year, and would like to know more.

MarsLady Sun 12-Jun-05 23:30:35

I salsa, rather than ceroc, but confess that I would love to do it! I keep hearing about it too. Looks amazing! Probably doesn't take too long!

DelGirl Sun 12-Jun-05 23:37:40

I love ceroc but until i've shed a few pounds I can't do it as it's quite a strain on my ankles. I would say it'd only take a few sessions to get the hang of it if you've got rhythm. You usually dance to modern day stuff. In all the classes I've been theres only been the odd odd person, mostly quite normal imo whatever normal is. You have to be quite fit for it but i'd def recommend giving it a try. They have a beginners and intermediate and then a freestyle at the end and you dance with anyone you want. They also, well used to have, 'taxi dancers', they're good dancers who're there to dance with anyone who's not paired up in the class and to help you in freestyle if you don;t fancy dancing with anyone else.

DelGirl Sun 12-Jun-05 23:39:10

and yes its a good way of meeting people and its def fun but take a towel with you and lots of water to drink as like I say its a good work out too

Earlybird Mon 13-Jun-05 11:14:43

Any daytime people with information?

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