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What are you listening to?

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Gobbledigook Sun 12-Jun-05 13:36:47

Drowning by Backstreet Boys (I'll be listening to them all the way up to October now!)

NomDePlume Sun 12-Jun-05 13:37:42

DS2 shooting the cr*p out of a baddie on his PS2 !!!

jampots Sun 12-Jun-05 13:38:12

my husband whinging - well not really listening but its the background noise

Gwenick Sun 12-Jun-05 13:39:09

Premier Christian Radio - to try and spot out ads .

ambrosia Sun 12-Jun-05 13:52:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jayzmummy Sun 12-Jun-05 14:07:19

James Blunt very loudly to drown out the sound of the kids having a water fight in the garden.

Nbg Sun 12-Jun-05 14:11:18

Pingu pingu mwoah mwoah.

B**y duck.

jessicasmummy Sun 12-Jun-05 14:13:36

jess "talking" to herself! So ammusing sometimes.... do wonder what it is she is thinking

gaelsgirl Sun 12-Jun-05 17:04:55

swapping between james blunt, jack johnson and maroon 5 atm

Mhamai Sun 12-Jun-05 17:09:27

Dora the **ing explorer! sorry but she's going through my bl**dy head! Back pack back pack swiper no swiper delicioso! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

charliecat Sun 12-Jun-05 17:28:11

U2 and fine young cannibals today

kama Sun 12-Jun-05 17:33:13

Message withdrawn

helsi Sun 12-Jun-05 18:17:09

The dishwasher!!

jessicasmummy Sun 12-Jun-05 18:17:28

the tumble dryer

LGJ Sun 12-Jun-05 18:21:43


Marching up and down the coffee table, shouting, Stand up, Stand up for Jesus

He has just watched the Increbibles sandwiched in between DH and I, so not sure what the link is

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