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lakeland has everything you could 'want'

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happymerryberries Sun 12-Jun-05 13:22:41

I was very amused to see in Lakeland today some bright yellow, plastic banana 'protectors!

My life has been incomplete without one!

What is your fave Lakeland 'must have'?

Nbg Sun 12-Jun-05 13:24:23

Are you saying you don't own a banana protector?

happymerryberries Sun 12-Jun-05 13:27:15

I know, I'm such a slut around the house

suedonim Sun 12-Jun-05 19:42:41

I bought some of these yesterday and can't wait to try them out! Sad or wot????

happymerryberries Sun 12-Jun-05 19:44:39

banana guards

very sad

franch Sun 12-Jun-05 19:45:30

We have one each in our house! Seriously!!!

charleepeters Sun 12-Jun-05 19:45:54

hmm can anyone think of any other uses for the bannana guard................ ladies??

happymerryberries Sun 12-Jun-05 19:48:10

I never have room to store all the lakeland storage ideas

They did look rather rude, I must say!

franch Sun 12-Jun-05 19:48:36

Must admit I'm quick to explain what mine is whenever anyone spots it in my bag

janeybops Sun 12-Jun-05 19:55:50

i bought the plastic things you can use to make your own ice loolies about a month ago. but left them at mil in the freezer after trying them out at hers, so yet to use them!

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