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London bound!

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JoAnne427 Mon 26-May-03 15:24:44

I am very excited ! I'm in the process of booking a trip to London - it will be my first time in the UK, so I thought I could ask you all for some help.

It is probably going to be from June 11 through 17 or 18 - depending on my job, flights, hotel, etc. I am going to be meeting some friends who will be there for a couple of days, but mostly will be on my own (very adventurous of me!
Anyone want to come out and play?!?).

I have some questions - where to stay? I am going to stay at a Marriott - but don't know which is the best choice - Marble Arch, Grosvener, County Hall, Kensington. It will probably be Marble Arch - is that good proximity to - well, everything?

Next question - am I crazy to be doing this alone? I've done this in the US before (LA, San Francisco) and it was fine, but at times kind of lonely. This will be the first time I've ventured to another country on my own. I have a lot of changes about to happen, and think that some time away for perspective could be very healthy for me.

I guess those are all of my questions for now - (should I be posting this on the travel thread?).

Guidance is most definitely appreciated!

Oh, one last question - should I be feeling guilty about leaving dd for almost a week?

pupuce Mon 26-May-03 15:45:02

Hi Jo
Maybe you can get some mumsnetters to meet up!
I know the Marriott County Hall well (I presume you're not paying ) It is very nice and right next to the Thames - across from Big Ben/Parliament - next to the London Eye (big Ferris wheel), and very close to Waterloo Station (if you decided to go to Paris for the day!) and Waterloo underground station.
It may not be the best one if you plan to wonder around in the evening for a bite to eat.

You might feel bad leaving DD for the first few hours and the you should really enjoy it!

Look at the Mumsnetter meet-up thread too !

sis Tue 27-May-03 12:40:50

JoAnne427, You definately should not feel guilty - I'm sure your dd will be in safe hands and with someone who loves her, so relax and enjoy planning your trip and the trip itself too.

There is so much to see and do in London, I'm sure you won't be bored and don't worry about being alone - although Lonsoners are not reknown for their friendliness - most people are perfectly nice when you talk to them - they just seem wary of approaching others!

Have a fab trip and let us know if you need any more info as I'm sure someone on mumsnet will be able to help.

Glee Tue 27-May-03 16:33:38

Joanne427, Lucky you! When I visited London in January 2000, I stayed with a friend who was leasing a flat right across the road from County Hall & the London Eye. It was very handy with Waterloo, Westminster and Embankment tubes all within walking distance. Westminster, Big Ben, Royal Albert Hall are all in the vicinity. The Tate Gallery was also within walking distance (although the Tate Modern opened after my visit). Have to agree there aren't a whole lot of places to eat around there (although there were some restaurants in the ground floor of her apartment building.) DH and I also stayed at the Chelsea Hotel on Sloane Street the first time I visited London in 1998; more places to eat and lots of shopping in that area.

Don't feel bad about leaving DD - - I left DD for almost two weeks on my London trip (she was almost two years old and barely noticed I was gone as she still had Daddy to cater to her)

beetroot Wed 28-May-03 09:12:16

Message withdrawn

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