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Is this a good deal??? URGENT please :)

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Changed4Now Sun 12-Jun-05 12:11:52

Hi, I am in a dilemma and could really do with some advice. Am meant to be collecting some 2nd hand playmobil.. fort bravo, tippee and sherrifs office. Was going for £45 but she will accept £40. Thing is looking on the internet this seems a bit steep. She has just called to see what time i am collecting and i said i would call her back in 10 minutes as been hectic here (which it has). Should i cancel? Is £40 reasonable...? Argghh. Please help.

jampots Sun 12-Jun-05 12:12:50

if you were happy with paying £40 then you should go with it. what would it cost brand new?

suzywong Sun 12-Jun-05 12:13:28

yes but factor in the postage cost and see what kind of deal it is then

Changed4Now Sun 12-Jun-05 12:15:08

I Think £60 brand new. It is from late 1980's. Never thought about the postage..

charliecat Sun 12-Jun-05 12:29:00

Is 9it going to get 40 quids worth of play out of it? Probably...and you could resell it yourself. Just gonna see what the going rate on ebay is for it...

Mud Sun 12-Jun-05 12:30:49

I would expect to pay up to half price for 2nd hand toys and baby goods TBH so no I don't think its a good deal at all

charliecat Sun 12-Jun-05 12:31:40

theres link\{\this} whicj would be nearly 12 quid on its own including p and p...

LIZS Sun 12-Jun-05 12:36:35

The special edition sheriff's ofice is £22.99 on here . Are all the bits she offers complete ?

Changed4Now Sun 12-Jun-05 12:37:44

she is missing on small part on the fort i bleive and probably so of the accessories - her ds is now 14 and has had many years play out of it.. which is a good sign i think

Tiggiwinkle Sun 12-Jun-05 12:40:39

The thing is that Playmobil really holds its value well, so often 2nd hand stuff does go for more than you would normally pay for 2nd hand toys. There are a lot of collectors after it as well.

Changed4Now Sun 12-Jun-05 12:42:21

... ok i am going to go for it i think. It is a bit of a drive but i iwl probably regret not getting it (although ds already has far too many toys and wonder whether i shoudl just put the £40 into xmas fund instead.)

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