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House move gone very wrong; back to square one :(

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Hulababy Fri 10-Jun-05 21:48:06

Thought I would update everyone on what is happening with our house move.

Haven’t posted about it much TBH as I have been feeling so sad and stressed out over it I haven’t had the heart. And I do know that in the grand scheme of things, that it just isn’t as important as things other people are dealing with. We are very lucky – we have a beautiful daughter, a good income, a lovely apartment, etc.

Just I feel like I have been living “on hold” for so long, dealing with this. Not feeling settled as we have been supposed to be moving for so long, only to get our hopes us and then dashed – all In the same day. I obviously don’t do stress very well either – have been feeling physically ill over last month or so – not sleeping, being sick in the night, having various aches and pains, psorasis on my scalp is horrid and has spread onto other parts of my body, and my heart has started playing up again.

But to get you up to date:

Our buyer, who put his offer in 8 months ago, ha still not come through. He was getting a mortgage and they offered him 55% of the total value. He was going to then get the other 45% from a second, private lender. This lender then said he wanted security. So they asked the mortgage company (one no one has even heard of!) if it could be the remaining 45% of the apartment, but they said no. Buyer then said he’d get 100% from second lender and not bother with the mortgage company. This lender was then supposed to fax some details over last week to Dh’s firm. Guess what? Yep, nothing. Dh has tried phoning our buyer all this week and can’t get through to him and he hasn’t phoned u. And this is a buyer who told us he’d definitely be able to complete TODAY. Buyer is one of DH’s lients so making things really difficult for DH right now too.

So, we have kind of given up on him. We’ve now lost the last house – the 3 storey town house. Couldn’t exchange contracts in time and can’t risk it with this (non)buyer.

So, Dh spoke to the senior partner of the largest estate agents in Sheffield about our apartment. Hadn’t used them last times as they’d been very wishy washy. Dh told partner that! But anyway this guy sent over his “best” city living guy today. They’ve revalued the apartment for both sale and for rental. This guy was really good and seemed to know his stuff. He deals with loads of city apartments, and they are based in our apartment complex. He did seem very positive that he could sell it for us. They have also sold two apartments in last week or so – although not as large as ours, but for good prices.

So, apartment is now officially back on the market for sale. We are on holiday for two weeks (in 10 days time), but estate agents are going to do all viewings wherever possible. As they deal with loads of city apartments they kind of do a Location Location type thing – show their clients a few apartments in one day to consider. We are giving it about two month to sell. Hopefully it will do in that time. Then we have time to find and buy somewhere else in right school catchment for Mollie.

If it hasn’t sold then we are going to consider rental. Apparantly they are crying our for apartments to rent out in our complex. It is in a great location if has to e said, and they are much better than most of the other city apartments here. Anyway, we could rent it out very easily at the moment. They have lists of people waiting, who are willing to pay good prices to be here. At the right price we could rent it out within a week!

Because of size of our apartment (a fair bit bigger than average) we would not quite cover the mortgage AND the service charge though – would be a little short each month. So we would have to buy a slightly smaller second house – in the right catchment area. Have to be living in the catchment area by December this year. Have looked into mortgages and that isn’t a problem at all. Bizarrely they will lend us the full amount, as if the apartment wasn’t here! But obviously we can’t do that, as if the apartment wasn’t rented our for any reason at some time we’d be skint! So we will have to drop our budget by a fair bit than the new builds we’ve seen. But we would be in the right location. We’d keep the apartment on the market too, and sell as and when.

So, that’s that right now. Back to square one. I’ll keep you posted.

Gosh, isn’t this long. Sorry. Well done if you got this far!

dinny Fri 10-Jun-05 21:50:43

Hulababy - sooo annoying. Similar happened to us last year - just gone under offer again but am terrified of it going wrong again and we HAVE to move as dd NOT going to school round here. Too awful!
Wishing you luck - wish me some too.

Hulababy Fri 10-Jun-05 21:53:33

Good luck dinny. Hope this one goes well.

I know they always say house moving is stressful, but in the past for us it has been plain sailing. Not this time - it is all my nightmares rolled into one. Last 3 or 4 months has been horrible. Just feel like the last 8 months wth this buyer hsas been a complete wate (which it has) and that we have gone backwards somewhat.

dinny Fri 10-Jun-05 21:55:43

really sympathise - you start thinking no-one will ever want to buy your place, don't you?

sunchowder Fri 10-Jun-05 21:55:56

So sorry to hear this Hula. I remember reading sone threads a while back and know how excited you were about moving. It is so difficult to understand why things don't work out, but try to have faith that it fell through for a reason and an even better house will come along than the one that you lost out on. I know that is all easy to say. I get physically sick when I am stressed out also, so I can relate. You can just focus and be grateful for all that you do have and hope that things will fall into place soon.

Hulababy Fri 10-Jun-05 21:59:16

Thanks; wouldn't be so bad if I didn't feel like we'd wasted 8 months. Apartment could have been on market all that time - what a waste!

Off on holiday in two weeks, so time for some fun and to forget all about it for a bit

Janh Fri 10-Jun-05 22:03:02

I'm sorry to hear things are so bogged down and awful for you, Hula - last I heard you were about to move! - hope this new agent will be able to get things moving again.

Hope you manage to enjoy your holiday and come back to find everything going ahead

Hulababy Fri 10-Jun-05 22:04:19

We were Janh - even had boxes here, some packed! But once again buyer let us down.

Orinoco Fri 10-Jun-05 22:12:57

Message withdrawn

Mirage Fri 10-Jun-05 22:26:52

I'm sorry to hear that your buyer is still messing you about.I was only thinking about you yesterday & wondering how things were going.

We were due to move on 16th June,but found out yesterday that the 1st time buyers at the end of our chain haven't even exchanged contracts yet.Thet were meant to do it yesterday,then today,now it will apparently be Monday! These people have no idea of the havoc they cause in other people's lives

Have a lovely holiday & I hope you find a decent buyer or renter on your return.

Miaou Fri 10-Jun-05 22:34:35

Aw, really sorry to read this, Hula. Last I read about your house move was measuring up for the new kitchen . IKWYM about stress and its physical effects (affects?) - when I worked in London I had IBS so badly that I swore I would never do a stressful job again (and I didn't ). However, you do sound like you are being fairly stoical about it and are doing something constructive rather than wailing into your wine (or maybe you've just got past that stage now!). So I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Have a lovely holiday and a fresh new start

Hulababy Sat 11-Jun-05 13:00:39

Good luck mirage; hope you still complete and move on time.

I have gone past the wailing/wine stage miaou; my liver needs a break Seriously though we go on holiday a week on Monday and can't wait. We are going to just forget about the whole thing and then start dealing with it again on our return.

Hulababy Wed 15-Jun-05 22:22:10

Well, still no sign of our buyer. he is not answering calls and has not even been in touch with DH. Buyer is/was Dh's client and Dh sent him a bill end of last week. No sign. We have since heard information regarding him from solicitors on the other side of the probate work, and from other saources. Those comments have been more warnings than anything else. Not looking good, even for Dh recovering his bills. Looks like firm myay have to sue at this rate. Not even had chance to tell the buyer that the apartment is back on the market!

Heathcliffscathy Wed 15-Jun-05 22:29:12

hula i'm so sorry. it is just such an utterly crap system in this country isn't it? you konw what i'm going to say dont you: it's fate and will all work out for the best, it really will. and you will post about it and i will say i told you so!

Hulababy Wed 15-Jun-05 22:32:18

LOL! I will hold you to that.

Off on holiday or Monday so decided we are not going to worry or stress about it at all until we get back

Heathcliffscathy Wed 15-Jun-05 22:33:27

we were really down about whole thing, went away for a week, really really helped stress levels. you won't forget about it all, but you will remember all the other brilliant things about life, and it won't seem so huge anymore...have a lovely one!

Heathcliffscathy Wed 15-Jun-05 22:33:27

we were really down about whole thing, went away for a week, really really helped stress levels. you won't forget about it all, but you will remember all the other brilliant things about life, and it won't seem so huge anymore...have a lovely one!

Hulababy Wed 15-Jun-05 22:36:10

Cheers; we intend to

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